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3D ChampionshipThe 3D Championships is a fantastic 3D helicopter competition.
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2008 competition success
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 2008-09-21 21:53:54
Me and my lad have just arrived home after a superb weekend at the 3d Championships 2008.
I enjoyed judging the full competition which had some superb flying and some that was interesting and different! smilie
Both classes were won by pilots flying the Align 700. Steve Gerrard has one dramatic moment when his caller called "singapor sling" and Steve did a serpant. The nerves kicking in from the pressure. Still with a twist of fate when Ade Laws exhaust came loose, cutting his flight in half, ment Steve could still pull it back and win!.

Fantastic organisation by Rob and Mike. And the night flying competiton was incredible.
I thought there would be a few having a little go, only to find that no less than 26 pilots were fully kitted out with night gear and ready to kick ass. Therefore myself, Nigel and Paul lison all had our work cut out finding the top 3. That had to be one of the most successful and well attended night flying competitions ever held in the UK.

Brilliant, exciting, well done every one. See you there next year.

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Just days away 19th - 21st september
Edders Edders's icon.
 2008-09-17 10:35:33
3D Championship 2008 just days away 19th - 21st sept

With a massive raffle, loads of trade stands and 30+ pilots
its going to be a cracking weekend

Transmitter control opens at 10 AM for Fridays Funfly - bring proof of insurance if you want to fly (your BMFA membership card).
Saturday 20th

Pilots briefing is at 9:30 AM

Competitive flights start at 10:00 AM
Saturday 20th - Night flying competition

Introduction and briefing start time will depend on the number of pilots competing. We will start the event later (to allow it to get darker) if less pilots are competing. The earliest we will start would be 7:45 PM for the briefing and 8:00 PM for flights to begin.
Sunday 21st

Pilots briefing is at 9:30 AM

Competitive flights start at 10:00 AM

Flying order will be randomised within each group (Intermediates and Champions) and a listing to show who flys next will be displayed near Transmitter control.
Arriving using SatNav?

If you're arriving using satnav, you need the following details:

Bredons Hardwick, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 7EE

Hopefully that's it. Look out for the signs on the roads when you get near the event venue!

See you there

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Anouncing the 2008 3d championship
Edders Edders's icon.
 2008-04-10 15:05:51
Hi guys,
The 3D Championship 2008 competition will be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2008 with a fun-fly on Friday 19th for everyone to come along and fly or watch.
There will also be a night flying competition held on the Saturday night so get out your glow rope and night blades and get practicing!

Please visit www.3dchampionship.co.uk for full details, and ongoing information. We will also be updating the new fly3dx website with information and images!

If you would like to enter, please see the details of what will be required of you on the information page of the website, and then submit your entry via the online entry form. You can still download a form to print out, fill in manually and mail back to us (coming soon), but online entry would be preferable to cut down on our workload.

The cost per competitor is still only 25.
There is an entrance fee of just 2 per adult this year - children come in free when accompanied by a paying adult!

The venue is Croft Farm Waterpark in the River Avon valley. It has some excellent facilities for the whole family, including watersports, a fitness centre with gym, sauna and sunbeds, a licensed clubhouse (a bar!) and walking/sight seeing in the surrounding area of Tewkesbury. Plenty more details on their website - bring your family and make a weekend of it!
The facilities also include toilet and shower blocks (free to use) along with electric hookups for those needing them.

Camping and caravan charges are available on their website.

We have also arranged for cooked breakfasts to be available from 8AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The venue is pretty easy to get to, being just off the M5 motorway near the M50 junction.

Even if you don't fancy competing, book the weekend off and bring the whole family (or escape on your own) for an outstanding weekend!

Mike and Rob

Please note - we are in the middle of waiting for internet wide DNS updates, so if you don't see the actual website (www.3dchampionship.co.uk) yet - you will do soon.
Sorry for the delay - blame the internets...
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Dates ?
Bond007 Bond007's icon.
 2008-01-05 12:47:18
Any dates yet for 3D comps this year smilie
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3d championship
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 2007-07-16 16:29:03
There will be a fun-fly, open to everyone, held on Friday 28th followed by two days of competition on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September at Leamington Hobby Centre.

The competition is a non-profit event - all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research.
Your generosity is welcome!

See http://www.3dchampionship.co.uk/ for details and up to date information.
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