Hi, I’m after some advice as I have not flown a heli for years in fact the CSM360 was the top of the range gyro at the time moving on to the Csm 5.. And dabbled now and then with heli’s

Glow was the only the real option but Lipo’s seem almost the only option?

I like the idea of glow as I could get a lot of flying done in a short time (hopefully) or has charging the batteries improved dramatically? Googling this there seems to be a lot of contradicting info.

Any thoughts?

Droopy flybar.

I have a smallish chopper a Dragonfly 9093 The flybar tips down at one end .Should it stay horizontal. I also have another one also yellowbut lot smaller. Blades ore hinged in the horizontal plane but do not know maker could Be a Syma any Ideas? .;)(.Wicked.)

Which fuel?

Hi, I have a Raptor 50 with an OS 50 engine any ideas which fuel to run it on? its has yet to be run in


I want to buy a R/C Helicopters for my young brother! After a few weeks is his birthday! But ,I don’t know more about R/C Helicopters! I found a cheap one! http://www.ahappydeal.com/products/product_35932.htm It can be a gift ? Or you have some better Suggests?

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