AlignAlign make some of the most popular model helicopters around today.
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Trex 100
Diddler Diddler's icon.
 Wed 19th Jan 2011
Looks like Align aint making enough money as i see now there making a trex100 . search the tube for it and see it in action . looks like a mini fixed pitch micro heli and the radio looks very cool . Maybe giving eflight something to worry about with there mxr models. Do you think Align are taking things a bit too far in the attempt to take over the whole rc helicopter market ? Lets look back over the last year and count how many products Align have released ? ( list them if you like) most products are just an improvement on previous manufactures idea's. I cant think of any product (apart from heli kits) that are exclusive to align they even use savox servo' ds610 ect but thats just my personal opinion . Are they in it to win it or just to make $$$$$
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