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Newbie with a shuttle
Markb75 Markb75's icon.
 2009-12-30 22:50:00
hi guys
ive got me shuttle back from midland heli it flies "YIpee " all that work making sure i had done it correct, got me bmfa insurance all ready to pop up to the peatling site on sunday if weather ok and hopefully will get to meet a few members and hopefully simon to have a chat. Ive also ordered a T-rex 600 nitro so that will be under construction over next few weeks.

Have a happy new year
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Newbie at flying
Markb75 Markb75's icon.
 2009-12-08 20:59:09
hi guys
Ive completed me first helicopter just left it at midland helicopters for setting up, am hoping to get up to peatling over xmas to meet some of the club members as the weather lately aint been kind to go up.

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Thinking of getting a helicopter
Bighammerfan Bighammerfan's icon.
 2009-09-11 10:43:36
Hi all. I am seriously considering getting a petrol helicopter but as this is all new too me i would like to ask a couple of questions. Firstly, how reliable are they and secondly are they expensive to repair and do they need expensive maintainance ?

many thanks Alan
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Belt cp esc
Squidger Squidger's icon.
 2008-12-26 03:20:16
Hi Guys/Gals

Have just received a Belt CP for xmas.Replaced the 35 mhz radio with Spektrum dx6i and set it all up.My problem is there doesn't seem to be a soft start with the esky esc.I'm sure its gonna damage the plastic gears apart from which it spins up so fast with very little throttle movement it's scary.Have the throttle curve set at 0 25 50 75 100.Think I may have to change the esc for a programmable item.Anyone able to advise on my options.

Thanks in advance.

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Clubs in leicestershire
Smig Smig's icon.
 2008-12-19 11:17:17
Being new to the area, i am looking for a club to learn to fly my Raptor 30, i have been told there is a club in peatling parva, and gave me this site address, also one in Banbury which has a very good name for training
Please any advice would help.
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Quantum of solace
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-11-02 22:01:08
Who has seen the latest Bond Film, "The Quantum of Solace"?

I found the camera work a nightmare most of the time, in that they would change camera angles every few seconds over and over, almost like strobing. The faster action scenes became very difficult to watch.
And what was it really all about?
What were the bad guys doing with that desert? Building dams?

I guess I will have to watch it on DVD one day and try and figure out what it was all for..

Any thoughts to help me out here???

Si smilie
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Anyone near
Paulheli Paulheli's icon.
 2008-10-31 13:07:07
Anyone near Aylesbury/Quainton Bucks?

I'm new to flying Heli's and need a bit of help to get going/setup. I've been flying a Century Sprit indoors but have just treated myself to a GL450 (I know crazy man) with a 2.4 set.

So if there is anyone out there who can help/meet, give us a shout.

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Any helicopter pilots in the telford area
Fairgunner Fairgunner's icon.
 2008-10-16 20:24:37
Hi to all, my name is Ian and I am new to model helicopters. I am looking for an experienced helicopter enthusiast/pilot who can give me some advice on setting up my helicopter and possibly some tuition etc..

Thanking you in advance.

Regards - Ian
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Anyone live in or near blaby, leicester
Callum Callum's icon.
 2008-09-11 23:38:08
Hello All,

First. Let me introduce myself, My name is Callum Vickers and i am 17 years of age and live in Blaby.

Its been a couple of days since i got my heli so ile start from the beginning:

I am new to the hobby and purchased myself a Belt CP which is a 6Ch Electric RTF after having some hours of training on a simulator (ClearView).Soon as it came i unpackaged it, checked everything with the heli and now it was time for me to do the pre-flight checks and this is where i am struggling quite a bit. I try to track the main blades in and i cannot seem to do that at all, ive spent nearly a whole day doing something that should only take 5 minutes. Ive made sure the swash plate is level, and i try my best to get the blades to track as much as i can so i took it out attached the training gear and did my first hops.

I was having fun, she was moving in a circular motion backwards, i didn't do anything until i got used to it. So i took her a little higher just about over half a meter off the ground, then i went to land and boom a gust of wind blows her and i do the opposite of what i should done, cut the throttle lucky only one blade got shredded as it was at a low RPM by the time it hit, So i took it inside checked everything over, everything seems fine, i stick on the carbon blades that it came with, and im back to square one, and i really carnt do anything, im too scared to take her apart without advice, i also have a friend who as sent fly bar weights to increase stability but he lives near Reading so its a bit far for me to go.

ive tried some clubs near by but there either full or just a bit too far away for me to travel, and i need someone just to really give her a check and a test flight. I will be willing to pay around 25 for your troubles, but i really want to get into the hobby and be shown the roles, and dont want it to end before ive started. I know Sometime i will crash and i have agreed to that,

So at the moment she is in conservatory on a table waiting to be looked at.

Thank You For Reading, and I look forward to your replies

I was recommended I post here via another member of a forum :)
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Just a baby at this
Toyboysandy Toyboysandy's icon.
 2008-06-17 20:39:41
just got my self a hurricane 550 rc helicoptor never flown anything before but would like to know how if anyone in the shrewsbury or oswestry area can or if there is any clubs local to me then can you inform me please
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