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Aracnan Aracnan's icon
 2007-06-12 22:02:47
Hi all been thinking about getting a R/C plane or helicopter, copters hold more interest to me though.
As a new comer to this exciting form of modelling could anyone advise me in laymans terms what I should be looking for in my first flying model please.
Thanks in advance
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Alex Alex's icon
 2007-06-12 22:17:21
hi there i would advise you to go along to your nearest club and have a word with the local flyers, they will beable to show and tell you everything you need to know, you would be able to see what they are flying and they would beable to advise you before you spend your pounds smilie where about do you live?

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Alvin Alvin's icon
 2007-06-12 22:23:34
well,i would suggest something like a 30 size nitro model to learn to hover with first,avoid the very small electric models as they are much harder to learn with due to the size.something like a sceadu 30 or raptor 30 will do,or you could even go with the 50 size version if funds will will also need a basic transmitter,receiver and 5 servo's,must be a helicopter version model,no exceptions,an example would be the jr 2610 full package.

you also need a gyro to keep the tail under control,make sure the one you buy is a heading lock version,or heading lock,normal mode switchable,an example of this would be the futaba gy401.lastly you will need a training under carriage to learn with,this fits under the helicopter and helps to prevent the helicopter from tipping over on bad landings.

you will then need somebody to set the helicopter up to fly for you,you cannot do this yourself,as you need to be able to fly in the first place to be able to set one up,bit of a catch 22 really,a local club should be more than willing to do this for you,and if you are near to our club then I/we would be willing to do this for you.after this,you can then learn to hover on your own,at your own pace,even if you haven't managed to find a club.
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Aracnan Aracnan's icon
 2007-06-13 20:32:00
Thanks for your replies looks like I would be better off finding my nearest club, my local model shop advertises some clubs so will look in there smilie
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Simon_S Simon_S's icon
 2007-06-13 23:51:23
Have a look at the BMFA site for you local clubs. They have a club finder which has links to clubs websites if they have one.
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Mattyboy Mattyboy's icon
 2007-06-14 05:38:39
Just a thought.
How about looking on this web site's home page.. See there are link pages and one is for clubs.

Maybe there is a club listed here for you and a website link to find out more.

Buying what is most popular and recommended in your local club could be good because they will know all the setup and tweaks.