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HoverUp HoverUp's icon
 2007-08-24 17:22:07
I'm new to all this, but looking at several heli's, keep coming back to the Raptor 30 V2......It looks ideal for a beginner, but I also see the Titan 50, and am wondering if it would be better to just go for the Titan? Is is suitable for a beginner?
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Alex Alex's icon
 2007-08-24 18:15:33
hi there the raptor 50 is a good heli to learn on i learnt to hover on a raptor 50, because it is slightly bigger than the 30 it will also be more stable plus when you progress you will not have to upgrade your 30 to a 50.

there is also plenty of second hand ones out there, but be carefull and take someone who knows what there looking at before you buy.

have you joined a club yet? if not there is a good one in the leicester area if your interested.

alex smilie
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-08-24 18:19:16
I personally would suggest you do consider the Titan 50 rather than the 30.
I feel that the slower running engine is more pleasant and less intimidating compared to the higher reving 30.
Also the disk will be a tad bigger and give more stability through the learning stage.
There would be no problem in setting up a Titan to best suit a total beginner so don't feel it might be to much to handle. Quite the contry I feel.

And of course there are upgraded parts on the Titan which are of benefit and the potential is there to take your flying skills right through to full aerobatics and 3d with that one heli.
Truth be known, you would want to change helis after a couple of years anyway to keep things interesting in that regard as we do all like have something new to fly from time to time. .

I reckon you have hit on one of the most popular helis for beginners and experienced pilots alike with the Thunder Tiger Raptor. smilie smilie

Si smilie

HoverUp HoverUp's icon
 2007-08-24 19:10:36
Thanks guys,

Alex, the club in Leicester sounds good, but a bit far away......I'm in Scotland. I am hoping to go along to the Clyde Valley Model Helicopter Club, soon.

Si, You have confirmed pretty much what i thought! it is just that a jocal model shop is doing a new Raptor 30 V2 ARTF with Pro39H engine for is a bit tempting, but I think I would be better holding out until the savings can go to the Titan.

I have been getting used to my radio (Futaba T7CP) for a few months now on Clearview Sim, it is really good!
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-08-25 04:52:24
I can't be mega sure as to how Thunder tiger engines are these days, but in the past I know they have been "pants".
I got a Raptor 50 with thunder tiger 50 for my lad over a year ago.
The engine was a living nightmare. In the end it simply blew up, nearly smacking the model in the deck.
I had a Thunder Tiger 46 many years back and that was also a horrific engine. I did get it to run half right in the end, by fitting another make of carbaretta on it.
I used to own a model shop for 15 years. I unfortunitly bought heli and engine packages from Amerang. These has the thunder tiger 30 sized engines. I had so much hassle to get an ok run with them that I decided to refrain from their packages and buy kits alone.
Back then, their exhausts were terrible too!.
I just mention that I personally have had nothing but bad results from their engines and have also heard of many who had the same.
Maybe they are so much better now? I don't know.. Maybe some others here can comment from posative personal experience. What with over 840 members, their has to be some out there who can let us know?? smilie

I would suggest you invest that little bit more in an OS engine. Either the hyper 50 or if you go for the little 30 engines, then maybe even the Irvine 36 h.

The last thing you need is an unreliable picky engine to spoil your initial flying time. I can imagine a package including one that would look a great bargain price.. You do get what you pay for mate,and I feel that the engine is why it comes over as a good deal.

You won't regret spending that little bit more on the initial setting up in the hobby. smilie

Simon smilie

HoverUp HoverUp's icon
 2007-08-25 09:13:32
Good one Simon, that is the kind of "insider info" that is needed here!! It is tempting to go on a budget, but the more that I read the more that I am realising that buying cheap kit is false economy..........better wait and keep working on the sim skills until the moneypot can do it right.

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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-08-25 12:29:25
hey, just out of interest, what is this "clearview"sim.?
is there a website for it somewhere as I have heard of the lot (I thought) but not this one.

Whats the word on it/ digital pics, usb interface, free download or what?

Si smilie

HoverUp HoverUp's icon
 2007-08-26 09:56:25

Clearview is a cheap simulator software, at $39.95 (20 at todays rates) for a downloaded copy I think it is incredible value for money. Check out their website...... It might not be quite as good as some of the expensive ones but gives them a fair run, and it works for me!! I have a USB connector and use it with my Futaba T7CP, and you can make your own backgrounds using your own panoramic images....full instructions on their website. After a little messing about setting the channels and calibrating it works great, all the model parameters are adjustable as is the weather etc. There are loads of helis and planks to play with, and for an extra $40 you can buy AC3D, which is the software to build your own models. This is great fun for me as I work as a CAD software instructor, and 3D is my thing!! I have even created a flying caravan just for a laugh smilie

Well worth a look!

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Chris66 Chris66's icon
 2008-07-27 22:02:09
Hi..I was in the same boat as you with reards to learnin on a 30 or 50 size. I have flown fixed wing..(I know that is a swear word on here!) for years and in my experiance the bigger the aircraft the easier it is to fly. Because of this I have bought a secondhand hirobo scedu 50. I am joining my local heli club next week and their instuctor and cheif examiner told me there will be no problem learning on a 50 size..
Good luck bud and keep me informed on how you do.

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Taha Taha's icon
 2009-01-24 13:26:04
hi there i wanted to know if i could buy raptor 50 online if any one has a link it would be very helpful thanks
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