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David_wilkinson_1 David_wilkinson_1's icon
 2007-09-09 18:36:11
Hi all

I've become interesting in helis and i have a few questions! I have been looking at the Raptor 30 V2 is this a good place to start??
I have found a club i could join but seem to keep missing the heli flyers!!

Another question i have is regarding electrics, would it be better looking at getting Tx, Rx, servo and gyros from the same manufacture?
As i have been looking at one of these new non-crystal 2.4gHz Tx.

Am i going along the right lines and can anyone give me any more useful advice please

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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-09-09 19:27:07
I might have said that the Raptor 30 was the best choice some months back. But now I might suggest your seriously consider the Align 600N sport.
This machine is truley superb and only 249.95 retail. It's fully sorted and is so stable. it tracks so well in the breeze, so clearly the designers and testers got the correct mechanical setup in the rotor head and control areas.

Ok you would have to buy a 50 engine instead of a 30, but thats about the only difference. Oh, I guess you would have to buy a set of main blades as these are not included with the Align, where as, they are in a raptor 30. But, those are wood blades and not to nice to fly, particularly for a beginner.

A 50 has more pleasant gear ratio to the 30, in that the engine runs slower for the same rotor head speed, so the 50 heli's tend to sound smoother.
Also the 50 heli is just a tad longer but not a fat lot. You would fit 54-55cm mains on a 30 raptor and 60cm on a raptor 50 and Align 600. This slight incease in disk size will give you a more stable smooth feel to the flight, due to the extra weight and blade length.

I would agree that it is good to buy a matching set of radio if you can. I personally prefer Futaba, but JR are also one of the best radio brands out there.
I know many who use the new Spektrum set and it is good. VERY GOOD.
It has where they call "model match" and there is not sub frequency to worry about when flying with others.
you set a model memory up for your machine, and match that model memory to that specific reciever. From them on, no other transmitter and even no other model memory on your Spektrum radio will work that receiver.
So what this means is that you can't go fly the heli, or attempt to, on the wrong model memory. And others can't turn on and trash your heli!.

My lad uses the FF7 futaba which is a nice light tidy radio. Works well and at a fair price too. The 2610 Jr is real nice too.. There is very little rubbish on the market now. PCM futaba won't talk to a JR pcm receiver and visa versa, so you can't use different brands there anyway.
And I would suggest that if you don't go for the Spektrum, then do use PCM as this is far more reliable regarding glitches. Servos and gyros tend to perform better due to the higher rate that the electronics work at.

If it were me, I would get an OS hyper 50 and fit it in an Align 600n sport, and buy the spektrum set, CSM 720 gyro and any reasonable servo for the tail.

There are a few fly-ins at the moment. If you are within reasonable travel distance to any, go along and grab a look at what others fly. Chat to em, they all have real experience which could save you some heart ache and dosh!.
Check out the calendar on this site and see whats kicking off and when!

David_wilkinson_1 David_wilkinson_1's icon
 2007-09-09 20:57:13
Thanks for that, gave me loads more to consider, one more question i would have for anyone, is that i would prefer to get a heli in kit form as i believe it will help get to grip with everything!!
Is this advisable for a novice as i want to learn but dont want to be too much over my head
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Bond007 Bond007's icon
 2007-09-10 10:04:04
Go for a kit.

You'll learn how the heli is put together, always handy in case you need to strip it and repair anytime.

Plenty of advice available here should you have any questions while building.

Good luck
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Glennwil Glennwil's icon
 2010-01-14 17:32:57
I have been flying model airplanes for years and a friend gave me a small electric heli you fly indoors an this has sparked intrest in helis. Dont know where to start and I am thinking of buying a electric . I'll probably will have to learn on my on so is there a heli that I can buy ready to fly that I can fly and make the transistion to a more advanced machine.
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