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Jay2001 Jay2001's icon
 2007-09-12 11:03:38
I have been flying the simulator (Phoenix) for some time now using the transmitter I purchased (DX7) and am about ready to get my first real heli. I was thinking of getting the Raptor 30 but past experience with nitro cars has put me off a little. It smells, its corrosive and it gets everywhere! What would be a good 30/50 size electric heli to go for (or should I stick with IC?) and why?
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Phil Phil's icon
 2007-09-12 19:00:48
With modern RX 7.4v batteries regualated down, you should get a full days flying out of them. So you would get more flying done with your IC heli.

Or with a electic you would be flying about once an hour, depends on charge time.So you would need more li-po's, but Li-po's are not cheep smilie

I would stick with IC heli's
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Jay2001 Jay2001's icon
 2007-09-12 23:19:37
I had considered the extended flying time of IC, but when balanced against messing about with filling the tank, tuning the engine, refilling the tank, messing about with messy nitro etc... electric just seems simpler. Take it out the boot, plug in the battery and go...
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-09-13 06:59:09
I see various issues with the "proper size" electric helis that puts me off.

1: you get a max of 8 mins approx per flight and then have to charge for an hour or so.
2: These lipos are b... expensive, costing hundreds of pounds each. And if you want to fly a few time in a day, you really would have to have a few of these.
3: I hear that when you smack a heli in hard, which unfortunitly will happen from time to time, these expensive lipos go for a burton and can potentially explode.
4: What ever you charge off has to be substantial and be kept topped up too. And carted to the field.
5: The charger to charge these large lipos, has to be of quality and are not cheap and also need bringing to the field.

I have found a great middle ground.
I have a lipo and regulator on my radio system as so many others do now. I get 10 flights or more per charge of the lipo and that can be charged in an hour with a far less expensive lipo charger which drains so much less from a power source.

I get far longer per flight than 8 mins. I reckon a tank in my 50 heli is a good 10-12 mins if not more. So I can have 100 mins of flight before I need to charge anything. If I really want to do more than 10 flights in a session then I have a second model. I simply can't get 20 flights done in a flying day. It's just a tad to much. So with these two models charged at home, I don't need to take any chargers at all.

All I need is a glow starter, starter, hand fuel pump and a gallon of fuel. My hand fuel pump is superb fast, clean and efficient and 9.
With the modern fuels like cool power, my models don't get all caked up with goo. In the old castor days, yes, but not now. And my engines always start easily, run superbly and give reliable power.

I guess, if I wanted to fly at a location where it is close to residential property and the glow engine noise would be offensive to them, then I might have to go electric, but having a heli field in the middle of the country eliminates that problem.

As you mentioned, I simply get my model out the boot, pump a bit of fuel in, start it and go fly, and fly and fy and fly.. And that is what it's all about.. LOTS of practice, lots of flights , lots of fun.

Si smilie

Jay2001 Jay2001's icon
 2007-09-13 17:37:14
So what heli would you recomend as a first, the Raptor 30?
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Simon_S Simon_S's icon
 2007-09-13 23:38:32
If you are willing to buy second hand, Raptor 30/50s are really cheap at the moment and everyone stocks spares. If you are buying new I would consider a Trex600n or a Knight 3D both of the last two are 50 size models so this will give you a heli which you can grow into as your skills improve. If you are flying at a club find out what the members are mainly flying as the more people flying the heli you buy means more people should be able to help you out if you have a problem.
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