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David_wilkinson_1 David_wilkinson_1's icon
 2007-09-19 13:36:20
Can someone please explain to me, what does a governor actually do, and is it useful to get one (for beginner)?

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Mikey Mikey's icon
 2007-10-01 10:25:15
Hi David, hope you are well.
A governor adjusts the throtle on the carb to keep the head speed the same, regardles of your pitch angle. Without a governor you need to set a throtle curve so that as you increase the pitch angle, the throtle increases as well. I have a raptor 30v2 and a raptor 90se with a rev-lock 20 governor on both and find it brilliant and a lot less messy than trying to set up throtle curves.
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Crasherman Crasherman's icon
 2007-10-01 12:42:30
I wonder if it is such a good idea to have a govenour at the "learning to hover" stage.
Don't we think that it might be good to learn how to set a throttle curve up, even if it is a basic one? Like a bit of basic knowlege and understanding of the principles and how to program your radio.

Unless you are going to need an idle up curve for aerobatics, I would suggest that not having a govenour could be best for one reason at least. If you are such a learner that you can't set a throttle curve yet, then maybe you are not brilliant at setting up engines at this time. When an engine coughs in the air, the first thing a govenour does is shoves full throttle in. Because it sees the lag and tries to compensate. Full throttle is the last thing you want when an engine faulters in flight sometimes. This instant input of full throttle from a Govenour can kill the engine, where asm if you had control of the throttle yourself, you could either leave the stick where it is, so not to make things worse, or back off a bit to give the engine a chance to recover by off loading the demand on it and reducing the fuel requirement?
I have had times where the engine faultered and the govenour came in and made it final . If you are quick enough, you could turn it off with a switch and back off the throttle to try and keep it running I suppose. Anyway, I do wonder if a beginner should wait untill they are learning loops and rolls before installing a govenour and in the mean time, learn how to tweak the throttle against the pitch to get the feel they like and match their flying style and abuility. smilie
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