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Roger1950 Roger1950's icon
 2008-03-22 23:05:24
I have just purchased another Spektrum AR7000 receiver the insructions say to bind the receiver to the transmiter you have to put a link on the end of the three cable charging plug. can you tell me where the third cable goes to, black must be negative, red would be positive but where does the other brown wire connect to. This then connects the brown to the black cable.
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Stan Stan's icon
 2008-03-22 23:21:16

As far as im aware the recievers are all the same! I have the Ar9000 and what you do to bind just for the first time is to plug your battery directly into the reciever into any channel then plug the bind plug into the battery port. It should flash rapidly then connect to your transmitter.

Once this is done you can plug the battery or switch back into the battery port. Its alot easier this way then doing what the instructions show.

Let me know how you get on

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Roger1950 Roger1950's icon
 2008-03-23 12:22:45
Hi Stan
Thanks for that i have the received set up and got it to bind ok I have the smaller a600 on my TRex 450 that one you just powered up the receiver with the bind plug across one of you outputs to the server this worked fine. when I tried to do this with the AR7000 it would not work. I only have 2 wires on my charger as it is an old plane I was fitting it into. I have now put this unit into my Raptor 30 this has a three cabel charging plug and the bind was sucessful. My question still is what does the third cable going to the battery and also on the charging lead do. I thought that it was just the signal wire like on the servo outputs from the receiver. It must send a signal into the receiver via the battery connection plug this then must bind the unit somehow.
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Adminmain Adminmain's icon
 2008-03-23 16:03:44
I am unsure of spektrum specifically as I have never owned / used one.
But i wonder if this battery is the same as all nicads and nimh packs used to be, in that the third wire, usually the lightest colour does nothing.
Some cheaper switch harnesses for nicad pack use, don't have three wires, but the better quality ones sure do have three. JR and Futaba use three wires when that third wire does nothing, maybe just to give the overall harness extra strength?

To confuse that a little, Jr and Futaba, and possibly other makes, do a three wire switch harnest that does use all three. Well it doesn't use the three from the nicad pack, but it does between the charge fly lead and receiver. This use is for dsc connection of a transmitter directly to the receiver so that you can set up the radio with no RF output.

I have a lip pack from flight power where it gives three wires for charging. This is a 2 cell lipo pack. In this case I do use all three, because flight power have added the third wire as a center tap between cells. Thus I can use a lipo balancer that can measure each cell and balance them up while charging.

I have moved to thunder power packs to power my receivers and servos. These packs and FOUR wires. One of the four does absolutly nothing (orange wire).
The other three work together in exactly the same way as thunderpower, in that it allows you to use a balancer.

Sorry if this is way off base to what you mean, but possibly it relates in some way.
Si smilie
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