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Andyeng Andyeng's icon
 2008-04-06 20:40:32
I am totally new to helicopter flying and would really appreciate it if someone could tell me of a club close to Loughborough.
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Alvin Alvin's icon
 2008-04-07 00:18:49
there is a club on the derby road playing fields loughborough,if it is still there.i think it's mostly planes though.
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Crosswind Crosswind's icon
 2008-04-07 21:11:48
Yes there is Loughborough Model Flying Club ( however they are not really a Heli Club and only have a few members that fly them. They mostly fly fixed wing at their Wymeswold site at weekends. The Derby Road site is mainly used in the week by the older members of the club. In the early days you need considerable help with setting up and learning to fly depending on whch helicopter you have aquired. Maybe you can post the details here so members of this site can assist. I travel myself from near Loughborough to another site the other side of Leicester that is dedicated to Helicopters only. You will definetly learn quicker and pick up lots of tips at a heli orientated club, but there are lots of fliers on this site that I am sure would be able to help in the early days.

Good Luck !!!!
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2008-04-08 03:22:48
As crosswind mentioned, there is a heli dedicated group on the south side of Leicester. Depending on where you are around the Loughbourough area, it might not take too long to get round Leicester using the ring road and M1, to visit that field. Check out on a map or sat nav, a village called "peatling Magna" on the south side of Leicester in the country.. This is where the site is so this will give you an idea.
As also mentioned, if you have any questions regarding setup, ways to procead etc etc, just post them in and others will give you answers.
I fly at the leicester south side heli field as do quite a few others these days, and you would be welcome to arrange a Sunday to pop over so we can have a look at your heli and give you some hands on help. Showing you what to do and explaining face to face in a discussion is definilty more productive over all, rather than purley using messengers or forums, so do consider coming over.
Just let me know and we can make sure we are there that day, weather permitting.

We are just waiting for our buddy "Crosswind" to be able to find the time to come over for a fly soon as we have not seen him for a few weeks now. Another couple of top guys come down to our field from the Loughbourough area along with a new Beginner Adrian. These guys all found that mixing with like minded heli flyers is more inspiring and productive and fun. than flying with 99% of flxed wing pilots.

chow for now