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Aandyy Aandyy's icon
 2008-05-16 13:10:51
Hi All,
As stated above Im a begginer, never flown before.
I have an Esky Honey Bee ( I can hear the laughs now) I think I might be on the wrong forum for my problem as you all seem way more advancenced than I.

My problem is that I can't even hover the thing! Bought it new from Buzzflyer, spoke to them on the phone he helped me to set it up over the phone but no joy so I sent it back to them, they set it up, tested it and said its OK, but Im still struggling!
If I took it to my local model shop do you think they would test fly it to let me now if its OK or not, as I said Im very new to all this so I have no idea what to do next.
A good friend of mine has also tried to fly it, he's a non flyer as well but is very good on the old PC games etc, no idea if that would help!
Im in Blackpool by the way.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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Shuttlespanker Shuttlespanker's icon
 2008-05-17 20:36:45
Hi, welcome to the forum.

you are in the right place, this forum is for heli pilots of all standards, not justbthe experienced smilie

as for your problem, i don't think that a local model shop would be willing to test fly it for you, seeing as you bought the model from a competitor.

it might be an idea to go to a local model heli club and ask them if they could try it for you.

hope this helps smilie
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Aandyy Aandyy's icon
 2008-05-18 10:15:38
Thanks for the advice, I was guessing I'd have to do that anyway.

Andy... smilie
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Adminmain Adminmain's icon
 2008-05-18 20:58:45

I am unaware of the specific heli that you refer too but I am assuming it is one of the small electric helis at a very reasonable price?

One thing you do have to take into consideration is that flying model helicopters is VERY hard to do. A heli generally will want to go off in one direction or the other and you get little time to compensate.. Also you need to remember that when you do put the oposite control in to stop it moving away, once it has stopped, you have to recognise that moment of stop and re level the rotor head, or it will come back at you. So you can get a "pendulum" effect going on, back and forth.

It takes a lot of practice and patience to master even the hover.

There are some contra rotating dual rotor electric helis on the market that do have a rather uncanny stability to them. The Twister Bell by J perkins is the sort. If you had one of those, then it does tend to be alot easier to get a stable hover with a little practice.

I think I might go have a word with the local model shop for what it is worth. Some one might find it quite interesting and fun to have a little look for you.
I run a club for heli pilots in Leicester and have done for 16 years. Many a time a member will ask a more experience pilot to have a go with their heli to check if it is ok. Sort of like, "is it me or the model".
The experienced pilot will have a go, and if it is a bit off trim, he can adjust. Even if it is found to be fine, at least the owner of the heli can see it is ok in capable hands, knowing that it is a matter of practice and patience.

Perhaps the heli is ok and it's just hard to master initially?

If I was in the Black pool area I would be happy to have a little tickle..
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Aandyy Aandyy's icon
 2008-05-26 12:39:59
Thanks guys, after a bit of searching through the local Blackpool club I should be meeting on Thursday for an indoor meeting in Fleetwood (8miles away), for a guy to test fly it. smilie
It,s hard to now whats what when your a begginer, just need that initail push-start! But I suppose it will become more complicated and indepth as time passes smilie

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Shuttlespanker Shuttlespanker's icon
 2008-05-26 13:00:24
(Quote)It,s hard to now whats what when your a begginer, just need that initail push-start! But I suppose it will become more complicated and indepth as time passes (/Quote)

and more expensive when you progress to bigger and better things smilie
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