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Some new centuryuk models
Coolice Coolice's icon.
 2007-12-08 23:03:53
Hey All,

As the weather is so rubbish outside and the indoor season has started once again I thought I'd take this time to introduce to you all some new models from CenturyUK.

First the GL450SE, same size as a Trex (looks like one to) and goes just was well.

Details : www.centuryuk.com/Products/Helicopters+Pre-Assembled/GL450SE" target="_blank">Click_here

A quick video of me giving mine some stick in quite a small indoor hall :

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=uU7AYKx-7RQ" target="_blank">Click_here

Another new machine, the Neon Blaze which is labelled as the Hummingbird replacement for CenturyUK.

Info : www.centuryuk.com/Products/Helicopters+Pre-Assembled/Neon+Blaze+CP/item9297?startPos=" target="_blank">Click_here

The first flight caught on film :

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3qimnKsXIDU" target="_blank">Click_here

More videos to come now I have the means to pull them off the camera to my PC smilie

Ian Contessa
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New swift 620
Dorset Boy Dorset Boy's icon.
 2007-02-03 07:07:18
We have the new Swift 620 on it's way to us from the good old US of A.
The feed back from the R&D team sounds VERY good! So plan "A" is to fly this model at 3D Masters this year. when we get the new swift we will put it together and let you know what we think of it warts and all!

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