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How to remove the fan assembly from a west
Stan Stan's icon.
 2007-07-08 08:59:42
1. Put the rustiest screwdriver you can find into the carb

2. Wrench the engine nut off and try and drop the washer in the mud.

3. Now to unscrew the fan hub, hopefully there will be plenty of redlock on the fan so heat it up with a cigarette lighter and get some grips on it. Try and put as much pressure onto the screwdiver in the carb as possible.

4. Now you how successfully remove the fan assembly.

5 Remove the the screwdriver from the carb and have a look inside also turn the engine over you will feel how smooth it really is.

6. Now sell the engine to ya best mate. He will never know LOL

( Please Don't Follow this or you will have an engine similar to mine)

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Rest in piece my sceaduô˜
Stan Stan's icon.
 2007-07-01 21:34:03

Just a piece of advice, if you ever come across a tall chap with a white van smilie that preaches about a certain make of engine. Please refrain from taking this advice into account. It bogged down and caused a crash. I think this chap is on commission with a bin liner company as he had plenty to offer for the wreckage. Also after the crash he even had every spare part i required to repair the sorry mess. smilie

Many Thanks


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New product line out now!
Alvin Alvin's icon.
 2007-06-21 20:54:25
Well hello,it's been some time,but we have finally got our new product line together,let us know what you think and if there is sufficiant praise then we'll have to see about sourcing some even poorer quality items from places worse than taiwan.simply send us an email typing NEW IDEAS in the subject box,so we can then just delete them without even having to open them and read them.anyway, on with the show. 1 NEW! slight dink boom and cracked skid set,give your helicopter that "gone in"look

2 NEW! mcs 91 abc /rodde crank version, why you would want to put an mcs engine into a top of the range rodde heli is beyond us,still here it is if you want it.features are:NEW SHITTY TIN MONKEY METAL PISTON AND LINER CONSTRUCTION,now worse than ever,this piece of crap is guarenteed to go lean right in the middle of an inverted low hover or somthing similar,and is now guarenteed to cause at least one crash per 6 gallons of fuel or 6 weeks flying

3 NEW! samba sporadic glitching unit.this little baby is the king of kings whens it comes to glitching! simply fix with sticky pads next to the gyro and the unit will automatically cause annoying and potentially dangerous kicks/unwanted pirrouettes in the tail system.{nb due to the cheap plastic taiwan type construction of the unit, we cannot guarentee a crash with this}.

4NEW! fool power pipe rot 15! this fuel now has an improved profit margin along with special additives that actually cause leaness and over heating,no matter what the needle setting.

5 NEW! rodde composite replacement canopies.designed to replace your canopy should the usual happen,these canopies have to be seen to be believed,designed from new coloured eggshell formula plastic,they have an unbelievably weak construction that results in a nasty crack if it is flexed in the slightest,now available as a monthly subscription.

6 NEW! slick uk automatic blade balancer.this unit alieviates the need to balance those wooden blades,simply place the blades on the balancer and a small dial allows you to move the balancer level,regardless of blade more sticky tape on the blades!

7 NEW! wrigleys wafer thin servo extension leads! unbelievable but true,the famous chewing gum manafacturer is now producing servo leads for r/c use.made from the thinnest strands of copper wire and coated with wrigleys unique chewing gum type flex,these leads chafe through with the slightest abrasion,causing intermittant operation and the inevitable crash!

8 NEW revnutz engine govenor.this is a new product that controls the amount of thrashing the engine gets during a flight,pre programmed to allow the engine to randomly rev it's nuts off at the bottom of a loop,this product allows senseless rotor speeds in excess of 2400 rpm for absolutely no practical ryme or reason,right at the most inconvenient moment.(we cannot at this time guarentee this product will chuck a blade for you)

9 cyclax top and bottom automatic pitch managment system,this system allows independant movement of the three servo's at any given time,it comes pre programmed with the folowing features: CORKSCREW a feature that automatically ruins a perfectly timed roll
WET PANTS a neat little feature that introduces a severe lock out for for two seconds whilst inverted.only functions at low inverted altitudes.
BROWN PANTS same as above but moves the pitch to full positive for a 1/4 of a second beforehand.
TOTAL PANT JOB allows all three servo's to start moving independantly of one another randomly during the flight for no particular reason.

wow,these little flight packs can acheive an astonishing 40 minute flight on any electric helicopter,then randomly set on fire during a routine charge.comes with our personal guarentee that even the smallest pack can obliterate a small shed into nothing more than a few smouldering cinders the moment it's left unattended.larger packs available with 60 minutes flight time,and garage/workshop destruction.(nb we cannot guarentee that the fire brigade will ignore this as we have no control over the fire engine and it's crew,or your charging ability)
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