Clubman 3d

Clubman 3dThe Clubman 3d competition ran for serveral years. Started by "bigan" with the help of paul Lison, this competition proved a great success.
Do you remember the competition? Miss it? Did you compete? Discuss, comment rate and review the Clubman 3d competition here.
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Stefan simmons wins clubman 3d
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 2008-05-18 20:48:03
Clubman 3d is over for another year. A geat event organised by Niel wildman and Paul Lison.
With lots of help for their friends they pulled off a good weekend.

The over all winner was a 13 year old lad from Woverhampton way.. STEFAN SIMMONS, son of proud father and accomplished heli pilot, Craig!.

He won a complete new latest Knight 50 heli and a guarenteed place in 3dm 2008 Expert class.

Steve Gerrard put on many demos with the Align 700 and 600 super pro. Paul Lison, Duncan Osbourne and Ady Law also impressed the spectators and competitors with their impressive demo flights. Chis walton did a superb exciting dual flight with Steve Gerrard too.

I am not allowed to post any videos of the competition, but if any members took footage then please feel free to use MHC to upload that footage to the internet instead of, or as well as using the likes of YOuTube. Posting in the video vault is free and unlimited and you can then link in from any other site!.

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First quick vid
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 2008-05-17 23:50:54
We went up to Clubman 3d's flying today. Not long got back after a stunning day of top flying from everyone.
Unfortunitly I work nights and when I came off shift on Saturday morning I went straight up there. So at the moment I have had no sleep for over 30 hours now smilie .
I have simply back wound the tape in the camera and crunched the last vid clip on there.

It's Steve Gerrard flight testing his new Align 700. This was the third flight of the new machine, so pretty impressive we thought.

More vids will appear in the video vault shortly, but I need kip and then am back up there to Judge the competition on Sunday. We are not allowed to video any of the competition, so we will concentrate our footage on the flyin.
Steve flying the align_click here
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2008 comp this weekend
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 2008-05-16 09:28:45
Hi every one.
Just another reminder for those who might not have received our reminder email, that Neil's Clubman 3d competition is this coming weekend. May 17th and 18th.

They are running a full fly-in on the Saturday and this is for every one to fly at, not just competitors. So take the models along and join in. Sunday is strickly for competition and demo pilots only. Spectators are a must. The more the better. The more support and "noise" you can make to inspire and support the pilots, the better.

hot and cold food and drinks will be on tap throughout the weekend, including the evening. Sited on the Goole rfc site, Neil can offer the bar and facilities into the evening for the continued social event.

Don't miss this one off competition.

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Charlie cave Charlie cave's icon.
 2007-06-11 18:19:22
hiya everyone! i would just like to say it was a brill day and thx to Mat's dad for the video's! smilie
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Hi everyone!
Charlie cave Charlie cave's icon.
 2007-06-11 18:13:35
great comp!
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Clubman 3d 2007 done and dusted
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 2007-05-21 07:12:59
Well the Clubman 3d guys put on a great event over the weekend. I went down on the Sunday and had the best of the weather i understand.
Uploaded are a few videos taken (to the Video Vault). If you enter "clubman 3d 2007" into the location search all the current ones will be listed.
As I write this post, only 8 initial ones have gone online but the event only finished last night.

More are going to go online over the next few days. We have ALL the flying of ALL the rounds and demos, so we will crunch them down and get as many as possible online for you.

If you know any of the guys who competed or other heli friends, let them know they can come and see then here first.
Our Camera is not the best, but you can enjoy some ok results.

Thank you Neil and paul for such a good event and to Both Nigels and Roger for the time they spent making it run as smooth as it did.

Si smilie
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Welcome to the clubman 3d forum
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 2007-04-28 22:31:25
Welcome to the Clubman 3D Forum

If you need any help or advice regarding Clubman 3D please post your questions and we will do our best to answer you

Best Regards Neil Wildman

Contest Director
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