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Compass heli flyin day
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 2008-03-05 11:46:20
We have information that the Nuneaton Club have kindly offered their flying site for a Compass Heli flyin day.
For more information, check out the information in our Calendar.
We have Sunday 9th March as the date.
We don't have any direct contact details so we might suggest you send a private message to Ade Law.
His user name is: Ade_Law
Or you could private message the top guys at the Nuneaton club for more info.
Use the username: adam crane

You should be able to meet up with some of the top 3d guys in the UK with the unique knowlege of the best tweaks, upgrades and setups. Look out for Ade Law who is a very talented pilot with a vast death of knowlege.

Wishing the organisers and attendees a great day. smilie
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Compass heli flying
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 2008-03-05 11:40:08
We had information some time back, regarding an event focused on Kinght 50 owners. If you go to our Calender, and navigate to next Sunday, you will find some basic information.
It is mentioned that the Nuneaton club are hosting this at their club site.

For all those who have a compass and those who are interested in what they are, how they fly and all the tweaks and tips, get yourself along and support the event. smilie
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Odin 90
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 2008-02-05 19:44:18
I found some info on the Odin when looking at Evolution RCs website. Looks like a similar layout to the Knight 50. It may even tempt me into the 90 market.
It has an interesting electric fan cooling system. There is a bit more info in this website;
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