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Phil Phil's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
Just seeing who from the club is going to the 3D Masters.

Are you going for 3, 2 or 1 days
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Alex Alex's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
i will be on hoilday,but i will be back on the saturday, so hopefully will be going on sunday.

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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
It's currently 4pm Friday afternoon, the first day of 3dmasters 2007.

Today saw the UK weather forecasters to be VERY correct unfortunitly.
We got to the site for 8.30am, to find a moderate rain fall. Things did not change through out the morning, but as the afternoon started, the wind came up and rain became extreme!!!

Collin Mill of CSM gave a seminar in a marque behind the pits.
Two brave soles had a little fly during the morning. Adam Crane was one pilot doing nice 3d and the other was a SIX YEAR OLD lad from Israel.
Now you would not beleive this little lads flying. He is masters class standard almost, as he gave a Vibe a good work out. Apparently he flys with Chen and Nir who have both come over to battle it out in the masters class.

All the Usual stalls are on site, including Real Raptors, Skyline, Climbout, Century, Midland Helicopters, Revolution Models etc.
I spotted a few Align 600 pro and sport kits in the stalls. I would not think they will last long once Saturday starts as they are some on a waiting list. So any one waiting for one or interested, get your self down their early on Saturday and snap one up.
Climbout have a nice display showing their Synergy and Knight was sexy new glass canopy, looking GOOD smilie

We are told that the weather forecast is more "reasonable" for Saturday and Sunday so we hope to get some of the competition completed over those two days.
Currently we have decided to drop the sportsmans and Experts Freestyle rounds from the Saturdays flying as we simply can't fly all the schedule as it stood and include all of Fridays flying aswell.

Things became a little serious at one point this afternoon as the wind howled in and ripped the catering tent on the flight line, clear away. The tea urn full of boiling water flew across the table, luckly missing any one. The only slight casualty, other than the tent itself being destroyed was my lad Matthew, whom got a right good smack on the head from the metal poles as the tent was torn from the ground. St johns Ambulence came over quickly, assessed him, calming him down and offering assurance and comfort. (THANKS from me for that!)

Cool power arrived fron Germany this morning and was delivered during the lunch period. Previously fuel would have been a little tight for the pilots. Thanks apparently go to Dave fisher who kindly brought 16 gallons to the site to keep pilots flying if the weather came good.

Final call to cancel all possible flying for Friday came from Chris Dickens, Flight Line Director at approx 2.30pm. Such a shame but the event will go on over the two following days.
All pilots have flown around the world and are ready to go. I had the pleasure of meeting many friends from previous 3dmasters, such as Curtis, Peter Navotny, Kjetil Strom, Steve Gerrard Nir Miria, Chen and so many more.
If you or any of your friends are planning to come to 3dmasters, we feel sure the weather will allow plenty of good competiion flying and the stalls are all their too. You might want to bring a substantial Unbarella along with some wellies!. As the field will be a little "soggy" under foot.

Cheers for now
Simon. smilie

Stan Stan's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
What a tease.

Who made the mıstake of bookıng theır holıday durıng the 3D master? Hands up?

Opps.... I guess that would be me.

Good luck to all hope the weather pıcks up.

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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
Don't worry bro, we will get some vids online for you soon.
They might not be taken with 3 grand cameras but we feel they will be good enough to enjoy the flights.

There is one we found taken by the "official videographer".

This is taken on Thursday evening apparently. No flying was videoed on Friday unfortunitly. Only the two flew and it was raining when they did.

Mr_Bigchopper Mr_Bigchopper's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
Hi simon, Yes it was a bit wet eh!!! Well hope it's better tomorrow, so see you at the field.. I'll be packing my wellies!

Andy smilie
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Sceadu Abuser Sceadu Abuser's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
What a wet day smilie
but this must be the first video online from 3DM 2007
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Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
Just got back from The 3DM, it was an absolute mud bath so, if you are deciding to go, don't forget your wellingtons and an umbrella.

I arrived there around 2pm and they were just starting the Masters Class. All were awsome. To be perfectly honest I don't know what all the fuss is about re Curtis Youngblood, yes I agree, he's awsome but not as good as some of the other competitors e.g Chen Zrfati was abnsolutely tremendous, Andreas Rummer was on form not forgetting Stuart Mott, and that was just from the Masters Class, there were others better in the other classes like: Jae Hong Lee of Korea, now this young lad was absolutely awsome, another was Olivier Camlong (France) I was talking to him and his Assistant Ewan Sarvio. These guys really had it together, they were thinking the same and everything was Spot On with Olivier, they were a real team. As far as the Brits are Concerned. In my opinion Adam Turner Stole the show with his Flight to music Routine, he really had it togethersorry to disagree with you Simon smilie He is my pilot of the day, well done Adam and good luck for tomorrow smilie smilie

Pete Roper, well what can I say. Firstly they couldn't get his music right, then half way through his routine his music stopped smilie then, after talking with his assistant and Simon, we were told that his sensor had slipped off the main shaft. smilie His music 3wasn't bad though, acoonamatada (The Lion King) but, in my opinion, the man that should win it is Adam Turner.

I'll be there again tomorrow, so if anyones going I'll see you there.


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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
Just got in from a weekend of superb world class heli flying.
Below is a listing of placings of all classes for your interest. We are working on crunching up 8 tapes full of video footage to get the "Unofficial" videos of the event online..
We hope to do this within the next few days, but some will be online this evening and over night.
Sportsmans.(1-3 trophies sponsored and presented by Curtis Youngblood)
18 Richard Mead
17 Jonas Schelpe
16 Lacopo Chianese
15 Vladimir Golubev
14 Lee Bates
13 Henric Hoggren
12 Tyler Bonta
11 Lorents Hildrum
10 Dunkan Bossion
9 Vegard Johan Oleson
8 Matthew Booth
7 Paal Hagh Sanberg
6 Eigil Stang Lung
5 Dominique Buhn
4 Massimiliano Ammendola
3 Trevor Burley
2 Andy Hornyak
1 Markus Kreuzberger

Experts. (1-3 trohpies sponsored and presented by John Clarke of ADH Pubblishing)
15 Chris Walton
14 Giuseppe Robertone
13 Dimitry Morozov
12 Adrian Smith
11 Olivier Camlong
10 David Nolan
9 Massimo Rubinelli
8 Jurrien Saelews
7 Adam Turner
6 Andrea Puosi
5 Nico Niewind
4 Kin Jensen
3 Peter Roper
2 Gavin Broadbent
1 Jaehong Lee

Masters.(1-3 trophies sponsored and presented by John Tanner. Traplet Publications)
20 Igor (Farry) Orlov
19 Wes Crokett
18 Paul Lison
17 Nando Van Arnham
16 Nigel Brown
15 Jerome Rviz Mateo
14 Steven Gerrard
13 Andreas Rummer
12 Ying Chih Liao
11 Jonothan Bossion
10 Kjetil Strom
9 Nir Meiri
8 Daniel Jetschin
7 Lucas Riva
6 Chen Zarfati
5 Stuart Mott
4 Duncan Osbourne
3 Bobby Watts
2 Curtis Youngblood
1 Dominik Haegle


Mr_Bigchopper Mr_Bigchopper's icon
 2007-07-24 17:37:02
Hi Mark/Simon, You must have been up all night uploading those videos.. some good stuff there, will go through them later tonight!: smilie

Nice one

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