Electric helis

Electric helisRemote Controlled Electric helicopters have become incredibly popular across the world. With the advent of the latest batteries and powerful motors, performance and duration has risen big time.
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Esc problem
Wadsworthj Wadsworthj's icon.
 Fri 9th Aug 2013
Hi Peeps.
Can anyone please tell me why it seems that it is proper to cut 3 out of 4 black wires in two when calibrating 4 escs for a quad . surly you are ruining three escs for other use ?
Also my "turnegy" set up gadget for escs, states tht it is only good for the same make !! again surly this is not right . it does not state this in the adverts that sell them.
Any help would be very welcome. as I am new to "choppers"
Well I am only 76 yrs old !!
Cheers John.
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