Engine and fuel

Engine and fuelThere is a huge choice when it comes to Engine brand, size, type and the fuels we can use. Read and discuss all about model helicopter fuels and engines to get the very best from your model helicopter.
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Novarossi 57
Alex Alex's icon.
 2010-02-08 22:10:37
hi i was after a new engine, i could not make my mind up but have decided to go for the novarossi 57 with the outrage 56 pipe as i have read some good reports on other forums, i decided on the outrage pipe as it is ment to keep the noise levels down as i have been told the 57 can be noisy, so it will be interesting and also outrage offer a 50% discount on a new pipe if you damage the one you have in a crash which i think is brilliant, so for 216 pounds all in i think it is a good price
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