Engine and fuel

Engine and fuelThere is a huge choice when it comes to Engine brand, size, type and the fuels we can use. Read and discuss all about model helicopter fuels and engines to get the very best from your model helicopter.
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Tuning the west 50h
Ghostman Ghostman's icon.
 2008-09-22 14:14:27
Need a little help in tuning my new West 50H engine (Genesis minipipe)

1. What needle settings to use
2. What rpm to set the Gov. at to obtain maximum effect.
3. And finally what temperature the Backplate-cooler and Cylinder Head should be to ensure a safe run of the engine. smilie

// Andreas - Sweden
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Thunder tiger 53h redline
Stan Stan's icon.
 2008-06-01 20:53:50
I am happy as hell with my new THUNDER TIGER 53h REDLINE ENGINE. I decided to give this engine a try after my OS 50 Hyper reached the end of its life. I was very skeptical with regards to this engine as a fellow member had one and it didnt sound good at all, it had a very distinctive leany sound to it and hardly had any power, so it was bogging easily.

So now i had a desicion to make, do i buy another OS and suffer with back bearings which fail every 10-15 flights and suffer a rich to lean issue after half a tank has been used. Or do i buy a WEST 50h Engine which has plenty of power compared to any other 50 engine seen to date. Well i did have one of these engines before and they do have the power without question, but do seem to be quite picky with regards to carb settings and as i wasnt that good at setting engines up i struggled with the settings, so i sold it with an old model. I had also seen a Ys 50 engine fly at my club and that seemed gutless and had a very high pitched whirling sound to it. so that engine was out of the question.

So after reading virtually nothing but positive feedback on the THUNDER TIGER 53h REDLINE ENGINE on Runryder (Virtually, meaning apparently some people were experiencing "sticky carbs", meaning after a couple of flights the carb would lock up) i decided to go for it, knowing that it could be a total flop and end up costing me more in the long run.

I installed the engine and fitted the Muscle Pipe 5 which i previously had fitted to my OS. I ran it rich as hell for the first gallon and a half on 30% Wildcat LDV Fuel, then leaned it off a couple of clicks at a time.

After nearly two gallons of rich running i asked an experienced pilot (Simon Brown) to help me lean the engine off. After a small amount of tweeking and a few changes to the throttle curve and govenor the engine was running sweet.

After serveral recent flights the engine is honking big time and seems to be developing more and more power after every couple of flights. I have not found any issues with the sticky carb, Nor have i had to change any settings to the carb from a previous flying session meaning the carbs are consistent. The engine also delivers consistent power throughout the tank.

Overall So far i cannot believe how good this engine is, i really do hope that it stays consistent and keeps developing power, but also keeps that back bearing well lubricated prelonging its life.

So far it is definately an OS Beater, IS IT THE BEST 50 ENGINE ON THE MARKET?


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cool power dries up for while
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-04-18 16:14:38
Just in case any one thinks that they will wait for another week or two, untill they simply go pick up another gallon of cool power in the uk, think again chaps.!

At the moment it is possibly too late, but if you need some, grab the phone and chase those hidden spare gallons at the UK retailers.
Apparently there is a bit of a supply problem for the next 4 weeks from now (April 17th ish).

I heard there is the odd gallons at places like "Revolution models" and no doubt other retailers might have a bit left, but they apparently are going to be unable to restock for some weeks to come.

And just as the UK is starting to warm up for a great 2008 season.. Go get it chaps. smilie
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Engine setup
DJB DJB's icon.
 2008-04-11 04:49:16
hi all, could anyone explain how to setup a nitro engine been told mines a irvine 32?
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Wildcat ldv
Stan Stan's icon.
 2008-03-03 19:16:53

Im currently using coolpower 30% which runs flawlessly, but is nearly 30 a gallon and now that am starting to fly more i should be looking to do a gallon a weekend.

I have been told by some people that WILD CAT LDV is good fuel and at 15 a gallon is brilliant.

But some people have had big issues in the past with it.

Also i have been told that is causes your engine to over heat.

Any Experienced flyers that use this fuel?


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Webra 75 p5 abc
Alex Alex's icon.
 2008-02-28 17:59:25
hi please could someone give me a idea of the low and high needle settings for a webra 75 p5 abc engine as i have no instuctions smilie

thanks alex
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Rossi 50
Alex Alex's icon.
 2008-02-16 18:37:59
hi does anyone know much about the rossi 50 not novasossi, it seems to have normal exhaust mounting
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Whats the engine in your gallery
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2008-02-03 22:00:02

noticed a smart looking engine in your gallery dude. Whats that then? is this something your have bought new or second hand and is it to go in a heli or what?

Tell all
Si smilie
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New novarossi 50h engine
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2008-01-26 23:42:38
I have a the latest 50 released for use in 50 size helis. This being the Novarossi 50.
I have fitted this to our previously retired Raptor 50 V2. After dusting this heli off from the attic, I have removed the OS Hyper which needed a new rear baring again.

I have had a few slight issues during the fitting process but am now ready to crank it up and start working with this new engine. Hopefully tomorrow will see good enough weather to start running the engine in and getting an initial setup.

I will report back on my findings. I am told that this engine does require many gallons to run it in, which is very much inline with the West 50H engine that I have in all my Align 600n helis.

This Novarossi sure it a big chunky engine. I look forward to seeing how consistant it is and how the power compares to the ever popular OS50hyper.

Si smilie
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Tornado fuel
Alex Alex's icon.
 2008-01-13 09:32:29
i have just ordered some tornado fuel 15% does anyone have any views on how good or bad it is

i was using coolpower 15% before

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