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Tornado fuel Thread.Engine and fuel on Model-Helicopters.ComThere is a huge choice when it comes to Engine brand, size, type and the fuels we can use. Read and discuss all about model helicopter fuels and engines to get the very best from your model helicopter.
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Alex Alex's icon
 2008-01-13 09:32:29
i have just ordered some tornado fuel 15% does anyone have any views on how good or bad it is

i was using coolpower 15% before

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Alvin Alvin's icon
 2008-01-13 20:22:40
how much is the 15% fuel alex
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Alex Alex's icon
 2008-01-13 20:25:30
hi i ordered them of ebay, i brought 2 5 litre cans for 17.99 each plus 8 pounds for the postage

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Alvin Alvin's icon
 2008-01-13 22:50:12
that seems a good price.I liked the 30% when i tried it
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2008-01-14 00:03:00
Lat Sunday "crosswind" tired some magnum. He was using 30% Tornado.
His engine was kicking a little, mainly due to being set a tad rich and the engine not completly ran in.
But when he tried magnum, the engine smoothed out and sounded nicer. And naturally it ran great.
Not sure which nitro content the magnum was.


Alvin Alvin's icon
 2008-01-14 12:44:00
the worst one i tried out of the 30% stuff is wildcat,the engine ran harsh and pre detonated.
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Boothie Boothie's icon
 2008-01-14 20:21:07
I run 30% tornado and mines powerful.
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Crosswind Crosswind's icon
 2008-01-16 07:29:43
Hi Guys,

A bit of history regarding my use of Tornado 30%fuel. I have a Raptor 50 (OS Hyper) which I used to run on Bekra 15%. Ran great for what I did with it and in two years never changed the rear bearing although I prefer to run it slightly rich. Started using Tornado a few months ago and because it was 30% it gave me more 'punch'. With the 600 pro ( newly built with a West engine and pipe)I started on Tornado which it runs fine on. However, both Helis did have a twitch on the tails which was assumed to be the CSM Gyro's (another story ! ) set up/querk. Both helis did sound a little harsh with not masses of smoke from the pipe, which was a little concerning. So last week I tried some Magnum kindly donated by a Club member in the 600. Bags of smoke, definelty ran smoother and less twitch on the tail! I understand that Tornado has only 15% oil as apposed to 20+ in the Magnum. Less oil less margin for error ??? A decision to use Tornado was that I got it for free (Raffle prize etc). Like most I spend on helis, 8 per week on petrol to get to the field and back and I thought I had found a cheap fuel. What a Muppet !. The heart of any Heli is the engine so cost shouldn't come into it. I feel a lot happier seeing the smoke and it sounds better. I will try other fuel in the Raptor next time to see if any improvement can be made there. I think the answer is to try several fuels until you get the 'gut' feeling that it's running right. I'll update you on the progress as and when my prayers for better weather are answered.
PS Thanks to the guys at the field for help and advice!

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Alex Alex's icon
 2008-01-16 17:54:35
hi all my tornado 15% has arrived so i will keep you posted how i get on with it, i have used the 30% in a ys 50 before to good effect so hopefully the 15% will be the same, i have also fitted a csm carbsmart aswell so this should be a good test bed for the fuel and carbsmart for the os hyper,

alex smilie
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Alvin Alvin's icon
 2008-01-16 21:56:19
the oil thing in fuel has been a bit misunderstood by a lot of folk for a long time.In truth,there only needs to be about 10% or less oil in the fuel to lubricate the engine,it will run no problem on 9% oil without siezing,the problem used to be whereby engines and helicopters did not have sufficient cooling fans/heatsink heads to cool the engine properly,and 9% oil content could lead to a ruined piston and liner in one lean run on a hot day.this is the reason that most fuel contained 20+% oil.

engines now have bigger heatsinks on them,and cooling generally improves on the newer helicopters,so the oil content of the fuel can be much lower.A lot of the oil content is just to satisfy the engine manufacturers instructions,as the new owner will be wary of what it says in there.

not many folk know that some fuels are manufactured measuring the fuel contents in weight rather than volume,meaning that if the oil is thick and heavy,it will have less volume.

don't go mad on the oil content of fuel too much oil will sap power,some fuel has 22% oil by volume,but it's very thin oil.

in general,any oil content down to about 15% would be more than enough with modern kit,if you have a cooling problem then obviously modify this figure.

anyone who has ever seen me flying my 3dnt at the club will know that my fuel has exactly 12% oil by volume,not a drop more,and my engine never ever overheats,and continues to run great.
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