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Engine setup Thread.Engine and fuel on Model-Helicopters.ComThere is a huge choice when it comes to Engine brand, size, type and the fuels we can use. Read and discuss all about model helicopter fuels and engines to get the very best from your model helicopter.
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DJB DJB's icon
 2008-04-11 04:49:16
hi all, could anyone explain how to setup a nitro engine been told mines a irvine 32?
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Alvin Alvin's icon
 2008-04-11 21:47:18
I've never heard of an irvine 32,are you sure it's not an os 32?

anyway,the best bet is to take the helicopter to a flying club and let them set everything up for you,setting up an engine is not something that can be described properly over the internet.we can give you some starter needle settings for the carb,but we would need to see the carb needle types first.the other thing is that you have to hover/fly the helicopter/climb out in order to set the engine correctly,and also listen for the engines sound/response.the type of fuel you are using will also have an impact,as will the plug.
anyway,if you're going to have a bash at it yourself,then try to locate the instructions for the engine on a website somewhere,and follow them for the best bet.setting the engine only comes with experience
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