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Tuning the West 50H Thread.Engine and fuel on Model-Helicopters.ComThere is a huge choice when it comes to Engine brand, size, type and the fuels we can use. Read and discuss all about model helicopter fuels and engines to get the very best from your model helicopter.
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Ghostman Ghostman's icon
 2008-09-22 14:14:27
Need a little help in tuning my new West 50H engine (Genesis minipipe)

1. What needle settings to use
2. What rpm to set the Gov. at to obtain maximum effect.
3. And finally what temperature the Backplate-cooler and Cylinder Head should be to ensure a safe run of the engine. smilie

// Andreas - Sweden
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Adminmain Adminmain's icon
 2008-09-23 06:10:16
We have masses of these engines in our heli group here in the UK.
We run them at different rpm to suit each pilots tastes. We find the engine runs best when the rotor head is doing between 1800 and 2100 rpm.
We use 30% cool power of Wildcat 30% for best results, and tried westerns fuel which is rubish. Don't waste your time with their fuel.

Not sure on carb settings, but we all start with the factory settings and richen the top jet up to the point that the heli won't lift off and then lean it bit by bit. This makes sure we are a rich as possible for the first few tanks.

Then a few clicks at a time over many many gallons, lean it up but don't rush it.

Enya 3 plugs are really spot on for this engine. We have tried many others that will run, but not as smooth and have such a good tickover and throttle up.

Back plate temp is always cool on these engines as there is that massive rear heat sink. We can put our finger up the hole in that heatsink without hurting ourselves. So if it is too hot to the touch then richen it up.

Make sure you have the "eye brow" version. Which means that when you look down the exhaust port, you can see the liner showing down a bit. The later version that they try to sell runs really badly and we all found impossible to get the settings right.
When we order one from Western we always insist on the eye brow version..
if you haven't got this eye brow version, send it back and insist they change it because it will be rubbish other wise!!!

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Ghostman Ghostman's icon
 2008-09-23 06:53:55
Going to check if I have the "eyebrow"-version or not today after work smilie

Iīm flying on my own brew so to speak and currently it consists of 10% nitro and 18% aerosave synthetic oil (graupner) which I use for my TT50H also.
Donīt know if this mix is right for my engine or if I should increase the amount of nitromethane smilie

Do you change the bottom jet or do you run that on the factorysetting of 2turns?
I had problem starting the engine when I had this at 2turns - had to turn it out to 4turns..

Also I had an issue with the carb - it runs smoothly when I apply throttle but when I throttle down the servo almost couldnīt shut the heli down. smilie

Tested to remove the spring that sits inside the carb and without that the throttle runs smoothly.. Is this little spring essential or can I run without it?
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Ghostman Ghostman's icon
 2008-09-30 08:38:47
It turned out after checking my enginge the other day that I appear to have the "eyebrow"-version.

After one day of trying to get the enginge to run smothly without any luck, I made a new brew with 30% nitro and 18% aerosave oil.
With the new fuel the engine was a lot different (read easy) to tune in then with the previous fuelmix.
At full throttle the CylinderHead reads 95*C (celsius)and the Backplate around 50*C.
Very happy about my choice of motor at this point smilie

Thinking of testing a new fuelmix concisting of 20%nitro just cause I donīt believe that going from 30% to 20% on this motor does that a big of a difference.
Well - only one way of finding that out I guess smilie
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