Flybarless Systems

FUTABA CGY 750 FBL unit new for 2011 Thread.Flybarless Systems on Model-Helicopters.ComMany rc electronics manufacturers now offer Flybarless solutions for model helicopters. Advancement in electronics and gyro stabilization has allowed a whole new aspect flying model helicopters.
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Diddler Diddler's icon
 Sat 5th Mar 2011
I had a little trouble posting this in this ( flybarless systems forum) but it would'nt show the video.
Thanks to admin, it is working now.

Very cool video with the man bobby watts.
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 Mon 7th Mar 2011
Hi Diddler.
For sure I did wonder if it was currently possible to copy the embed code into the outer forums, just because of the way the outer forums are created and drawn on screen.
Something I have to address and will find a way round it in due course.
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