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New product - next generation high end performance gyro : pg-800
SJGD SJGD's icon.
 2008-07-23 10:12:07
We are pound to announce the global launching of the PG-800 gyro . The new gyro is ultra compact, proven excellent performance for model helicopters at wide range of sizes. Thanks to the next generation MEMS gyro sensor component ( the sensor component is widely used in Military and Vehicle GPS industry ) . PG-800 gyro is developed by our own technology and source code . It outperform most high-end gyro in the model industry at a very affordable price .

Key Feature
.. Optimize Next Generation Gyro Sensor ..
Benefited from next generation Micro Electrical Mechanical System sensing technology . MEMS Gyros combining mechanical structures with signal processing circuitry onto a single chip . It is extremely reliable performance and stable in tough environment .

.. High vibration rejection over wide frequency ..
We have proven excellent result of using the new gyro on both electric or nitro powered helicopters of various size . such as EP100/200, Trex 450SE / 500GF / 500CF / 600E and Nitro powered Trex 600N / 700 . The gyro can achieve the same perfect performance on all models tested .

.. Wide working voltage , low power consumption ..
Wide Working voltage from 4V and up to 10V ! Built in- input polarity reserve protection circuitry . Working current is less than 60mA

.. Extremely compact and light weight ..
Only 17.5g and overall dimension is 29.5mm×28mm×12.7mm . The gyro can fit to model helicopters of any size without the space limitation problem .

.. Support the latest digital rudder servo of your favorite brand and model ..
760us & 1520us (250/333Hz) digital servo is supported ( selected in LCD configuration panel )

.. View, store and setup the gyro parameters w/ LCD configuration panel..
Setup menu can be accessed by connecting stand alone LCD display panel to the gyro communication port ( included in Combo packager ). Setup and fine tune gyro behavior in the airfield without bringing laptop or PDA . The Advanced setup menu have the most gyro parameter to met the most extreme demand of any pilot .

Adjustable Gyro Parameter in Setup Menu

1. Servo type selection
2. Gyro Direction / Reverse
3. Rudder servo travel trimming ( Left/Right can be trimmed separately )
4. Gyro sensitive adjustment ( Clockwise/Anti-clockwise rate sensitive can be adjustment separately )
5. Deadband adjustment
6. Gyro exponential curve adjustment ( Clockwise/Anti-clockwise Exp. curves can be adjustment separately )" target="_blank">Click_here

Starter Kit - USD 159 (Gyro and Configuration Panel Combo )
Gyro Only - USD$139

Availability : Early August

Test Video 1 ( Trex600N)" target="_blank">Click_here

Test Video 2 (Trex500CF)" target="_blank">Click_here

Test Video 3 ( Trex 600N)" target="_blank">Click_here

Please post any question here and I will try answer as soon as possible. Documentation is in progress and will post the downloadable version as soon as possible .

We are also looking for qualified distribution partner in UK and Europe . Please PM us for dealer terms .

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Upset gyro
Astra Astra's icon.
 2008-06-13 22:12:36
I was carrying my t-rex 450 to my flying strip when i lost a grip of it ang grabbed hold of the heli but i managed to knock the robbe g-200 gyro off its mounting pad, so i stuck it back down and proceeded to fly but when the rex came to lift off it just spun anti-clockwise, any suggestions as to what i have done please.
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Stops with spartan in align 600
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-06-08 21:00:46
Any one with a spartan ds760 might already know, but I will mention something we found with ours that made them even better.

Our spartans have been stunning from the out set in our Align 600N helicopters. We have a Super pro, Sport and Pro. Two use an 8900g and the super pro has the futaba Brushless BLS251.

Our end stops have always had a slight bounce / kick back when the rudder is taken away sharply, and from a quick rotation. We had initially taken advice and reduced the "deceleration gain" slider using the editor software and interface, but this never made much difference.

This weekend we have "increased" the end stop gains. These are by default set to 100. Ours have been increased to 120 each way and the improvement is stunning. When stopping from a clockwise rotation, the stops are spot on sharp. There is the smallest kick back on the counter clock wise stop, so another 5 or 10 added might just sort that.

Any one with an Align 600n, consider interfacing and upping those two values to at least 120!.. You will be stunned at how good the stops become!.
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