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Astra Astra's icon
 2008-06-13 22:12:36
I was carrying my t-rex 450 to my flying strip when i lost a grip of it ang grabbed hold of the heli but i managed to knock the robbe g-200 gyro off its mounting pad, so i stuck it back down and proceeded to fly but when the rex came to lift off it just spun anti-clockwise, any suggestions as to what i have done please.
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2008-06-14 07:18:45
You have not mentioned what gyro it is, but at a guess, I wonder if you have stuck it back on upside down.
Like if you had a csm180 or csm 200, they look pretty much the same either way up.

But when you do stick them back the other way, you end up reversing the gyro sence and it will do exactly what you discribe!.

Check the gyro sence direction by moving the heli round and observing what the tail blades do. Simply check that they are compensating correctly.

I for one will be interested to hear what solution you find.
Si smilie

Shuttlespanker Shuttlespanker's icon
 2008-06-14 08:48:16
Hi Simon,

he does say what gyro it is, it says in the post that it is a Robbe G-200 Gyro.

maybe you know of this gyro?

i for one, don't know that particular one.
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2008-06-14 18:30:52
Thats what you get when you read and reply to a PM without any sleep smilie smilie .
Soz about that.
I actually have that gyro pictured in the Library of this site, accessed from the home page, and then selecting "Robbe" from the gyro listings.

I have never seen that gyro in action I am afraid. I still wonder if it was stuck back on the wrong way, and hence it reversed it self.. Otherwise I would have to suggest a dodgy joint or other failing component. not much help I guess.. smilie

Astra Astra's icon
 2008-06-14 21:49:09
Hi Si, yup you were right, stuck it back on wrong, i have a photo of the rex and when i compared the two it was opposite, i turned it the other way and it works perfect,
i was probably a little hasty putting it back on without looking, hence getting it wrong for me, a lesson learned !
Thanks for the advice, great site, where would we be without the expert knowledge, cheers all.
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