HiroboFormally Hiroshima Spinners Limited, Hirobo LTD. was formed in 1970. In 1973, Hirobo successfully developed products and started business in radio-controlled models.
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Y need help
Cocasnuno Cocasnuno's icon.
 Sun 6th Jan 2013
hellow people,first happy new year...so y need help.
Y recently got a half broken vintage hirobo Bell Huey uh-1gasoline and y need a few spares like rotor head parts and so,could some one show me were do y look for?very grateful
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Sceadu 50 evolution ex
Alvin Alvin's icon.
 2007-03-17 23:40:19
http://www.jason.net/heli/helimain.htm This is the all new version of the sceadu 50,fully upgraded with every available upgrade.a picture is also in my gallery.what do you think? don't ask about the price though smilie
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Lets start it!
Garry Garry's icon.
 2007-03-10 13:32:04
For all Hirobo guys,
if you have a question, we have an answer,
so go ahead start asking!

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