Indoor Helis

Indoor HelisIf the weather bad, we can still fly rc helicopters. There is a vast range of Indoor Helis for us all to choose from.
Review, discuss and rate all the indoor helicopters available today.
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What is the best all round micro heli?
Stan Stan's icon.
 2007-03-10 21:05:59

Just thought id start a thread aimed at electric power!

I have a mini pred which is a 3d heli that comes ready to fly with everything including radio gear at an amezin price of 200 (or less). Build quality is fairly poor cheap plastic. But it is amazingly stable and easy to hover ( I cant really comment too much im a noob and still learning to hover. This was my first real life heli and i went straight into a fairly solid tail in hover) Easier than on realflight.

Then tried foward flight and hit the deck faster than you can say mini pred! lol

Anyway im waffling on.

Whats your views?

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