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What Is the Best All round Micro Heli? Thread.Indoor Helis on Model-Helicopters.ComIf the weather bad, we can still fly rc helicopters. There is a vast range of Indoor Helis for us all to choose from.
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Stan Stan's icon
 2007-03-10 21:05:59

Just thought id start a thread aimed at electric power!

I have a mini pred which is a 3d heli that comes ready to fly with everything including radio gear at an amezin price of 200 (or less). Build quality is fairly poor cheap plastic. But it is amazingly stable and easy to hover ( I cant really comment too much im a noob and still learning to hover. This was my first real life heli and i went straight into a fairly solid tail in hover) Easier than on realflight.

Then tried foward flight and hit the deck faster than you can say mini pred! lol

Anyway im waffling on.

Whats your views?

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Coolice Coolice's icon
 2007-04-04 19:48:04

The Mini Pred is a great little helicopter, I have not had much stick time on one but have had a quick hover of one a chap brought along to an indoor event I recently attended.
As you say they are built to a minimum spec but with a sub 200 street price ready to go they just cannot be beaten! Also they actually fly very nicely to, I cant wait to try looping & rolling on when the show season starts just so I can feel how it copes.
Of course now the nice metal upgrades are starting to filter through and so the models flight performance can be tightened and improved on with these added as experience & funds allow.

Having said that this model size market sector is very competitive, although the models we are now looking at cost 200+ for the kit alone. This is where the Mini Pred wins on this due to being a very small initial outlay, but with the ability to be upgraded later on to make it that bit better.

The Align Trex is still at the top of everyones mind due to it being so popular, but I have recently got involved in flying another model which will challenge this nicely. Namely the RCer Dragonus, imported and sold by Over-Tech (Overlander) and Skyline Models.
Similar in design to the Trex, with the top flight model sporting all the fancy aluminium head and tail assemblies, with carbon or SSG main frames. Flying wise equally as good as the other models in this catagory, possibly better having learned from them what works and what doesn't.

There are so many other models that it would be too much to compare here, having flown the Dragonus, Trex (other peoples) and the Mini Pred for their intended purposes out of the box I dont think you can go far wrong with any of them.

Ian Contessa
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Kevinator9 Kevinator9's icon
 2007-04-21 07:50:36
I had a Dragonfly #4. It was really cool to fly around the house but was fp (not cp) so no inverted flight but I don't think I would have done a chaos inside! smilie But there is a heli almost exactly the same but better build qulity and better electronics, the Honeybee and that is a really cool little chopper for inside.
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