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JR PropoJR Propo was estabilished in 1976. Focusing on model radio products and rc helicopters, JR Propo have continued to lead the way in rc technology.
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Phil Phil's icon.
 2008-04-06 20:17:58
I know the new JR DSX9 2.4 trany is coming out soon.
but does anyone know when it comes into the UK smilie smilie
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Servo recomendations
 2007-08-27 20:08:13
Just been checking out my t-Rex 450xl and found the Align 6g servo for the tail lugs broken, I know this was not due to a crash so I can only assume that it has been through stress.
Any suggestions of which is a good substitute.
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Jr rs77s reciever
Viking Viking's icon.
 2007-08-27 11:40:46

Could someone confirm that a JR RS77S auto scan receiver is compatible with a JR XP662 transmitter. I bought the receiver to replace the Century Uk receiver in a Mini-Predator so I could fly it from my existing radio. The receiver scanned Ok with the transmitter set to SPCM but servo movement is erratic. I am checking the set up with a separate receiver battery pack as sadly the ESC has cooked and died. Would be grateful for any advice on this problem,

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