KaltKalt sadly closed their model helicopter production many years ago. Spare have become rare as have good condition examples of their model helicopters.
If you have a kalt helicopter, used to or still do fly one, lets hear all about it and discuss together online.
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Kalt omega pro
Alboari Alboari's icon.
 Fri 12th Feb 2016
I would really appreciate if someone is so kind to send me the original manuals and plan for the Omeg Pro my email is mickitoys@gmail.con Thanks so much

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Baron 50 with 60 engine
Gazza Gazza's icon.
 Wed 3rd Dec 2014
Hi , only new here , looking for a main gear and canopy to restore an old Baron 50 I just purchased , it has a OS 60 in it so the engine mount is 60 size but is a 50 frame , old gear I believe is the 50 size as it has 86 teeth , I have been told the 60 baron has a 80 tooth ...



In Aus
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Cyclone 2
Shuttlespanker Shuttlespanker's icon.
 2008-02-17 17:58:57
So, Simon, how long before the Cyclone 2 will be in the air? smilie

from what i saw, there is plenty for you to do smilie

but, it has got potential to be a rather nice heli smilie
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Kalt omega pro.
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2008-02-03 22:25:35
If any one has a Kalt omega pro out there, in bits, bent, or non of those.. I am always looking for some bits for one I have here.
Mine is pretty smart for such an old machine. These were the top dogs of the time and could actually put some of the modern machines to shame now.
Mind you, the 2mm piano wire tail drive is not the best of systems.. Lots of wind-up..
Check this shot..

Test hovering it tomorrow with a new OS61 wc fitted in today. And engine I have had new in it's box for ages.. Time to get it in the air.

I just need to sand down the canopy which has a rather dark paint scheme. Spray it the same as I used to have it many years ago. Pics of it back then are in my gallery.

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