UK Morley Helicopter Meet Up Thread.Morley on Model-Helicopters.ComJim Morley started his company at the infancy of rc model helicopters.  Morley quickly created viable models and offered them to the public.
Hughes 300, Bell 47G, MXA and MXB are some of the models sold.
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Electricsceadu Electricsceadu's icon
 2008-06-10 23:47:25
Hi Guy's
it has been suggested to me that us UK (international owners welcome) Morley Helicopter owners should meet up at the MK Helicopter Club's fun fly on 12 & 13 july 2008
Jim Morley has said he will try to make it to the fun fly, so lets surprise him with a good selection of Morley Helicopters scale and pod and boom

so put the date in your diary , service your Morley's (or dust them off for static display) and make your way to the event

for more details of the MK Heli Club's fun fly see the clubs web site

see you there

alcester heli club
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Electricsceadu Electricsceadu's icon
 2008-06-15 01:21:53
Jim Morley should make it to the event on Saturday 12th

all morley helicpters welcome , flying ,static display, or part assembled projects
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Bethanyvectra Bethanyvectra's icon
 Thu 23rd Jul 2015
Hi have you any parts for the agusta a109
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