Movies And TV Shows That Inspired Games


There are so many brilliant movies and jdl club thai TV shows that are actually so highly acclaimed and also so loved by the masses that they could not get enough of it, that they went and created games out of them. Might I say that they are actually really successful indeed? These games have actually proven to be quite successful, and they have captured the imagination and the love of a lot of people for sure. In this guide, I will list out some movies and TV shows, that inspired some nice games that the people loved.


  • Harry Potter: The ‘Wizarding World’ of Harry Potter is easily one of the most successful franchises on the planet. With the franchise receiving so much love, there are now 5 spin-off movies ordered, two of them already out. Harry Potter captured the hearts of every single child on the planet, and there is not a 90s and 00s child out there who does not know the name ‘Harry Potter’. Harry Potter franchise also has large theme parks based on the movies, and they have also built Hogwarts on multiple locations in the world. It is also noteworthy to know that there are eight games for all of the eight movies and in the year 2019, they released two games called ‘Wizards Unite’ and ‘Harry Potter Mystery’. All of these games are hugely loved and are successful.
  • Game Of Thrones: The HIT TV show which was based on the books by GRRM have captured the respect and love of millions of fans in the world. It became a worldwide phenomenon in the year 2019, before disappointing the audience with a terrible ending. Nevertheless, there is a great game out there called ‘Game Of Thrones Conquest’, and it can be played on your mobile devices. You should check if you device is eligible to run it first. It first came out on iOS.


  • Jurassic Park and Jurassic World: There are five movies in this franchise as of 2019, and all of them make me reminisce of the time I first saw Jurassic Park and at the time I was a child, and I was so terrified of seeing the dinosaurs on the screen. Well, it is indeed one of the most successful franchises till date, and they are still yet to come up with a movie from this universe which is set to release in 2021. There are multiple games from this franchise. Here are a few:
  • Jurassic Park Part 1 game for iOS.
  • Jurassic Park Part 2 game for iOS.
  • Jurassic Park Part 3 game for iOS.
  • Jurassic Park Part 4 game for iOS.
  • Jurassic Park Operation Genesis.
  • Jurassic World Evolution.


Movies And TV Shows That Inspired Games
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