Movies Inspired by Games


Inspirations are part of the entertainment industry, as content creators require the right plot to get things started. Regardless of the concept, if they find it interesting, you will see it in a movie. Through time, these movies have drawn inspiration from real-life events, fictional stories, and so on. Apart from the usual set of inspirations, did you know that movies have also been inspired by games? Well, some of these movies might not have been as good as the 12 joker game, but they still made it to the big screen. So, here are some of the movies that are inspired by games.


Assassin’s Creed (2016)

Based on Ubisoft’s classic venture that goes by the same name, Michael Fassbender starred in this movie that did not grab the attention of the critics. Callum Lynch is a man who is capable of accessing his genetic memories, and the central theme revolves around the same. With all this in mind, the movie was not as successful as the game and some mixed reviews suggest the same.

Need for Speed (2014)

Need for Speed can be termed as one of the most successful games from Electronic Arts. The high-speed adventure sounds like the right plot that makes an action movie. But reality stated things quite differently. Breaking bad star, Aaron Paul starred in this movie that everyone wants to forget. Aaron Paul plays a working-class mechanic who must race for his life when a NASCAR driver falsely accuses him of manslaughter. It starts from there, and moviegoers tend to forget the rest.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

The adventure game series called Prince of Persia had all the right ingredients that made every gamer happy. Expectations were high when the movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal was released. The reception was quite mixed as certain people enjoyed it, and certain others did not do so. Cinematographer John Seale and parkour expert David Belle were appreciated for their role in the movie, as the screens and action seemed to be enjoyable.

Resident Evil (2002)


Resident Evil was the best selling video franchise that was in high demand. The movie inspired from the game was brought to the main screen as a six-film series starring Milla Jovovich. Thus continues the fight against evil corruption with a zombie agenda. The plot was not well appreciated, but the action in the movie seemed to click all points of being successful. Due to all this, it opened to mixed reviews that made all the difference for the movie franchise. Hence, when you sum up these names, you can understand that these movies couldn’t really match up to the successful games that it was inspired from.

Movies Inspired by Games
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