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Great weekend
Dogshome Dogshome's icon.
 2007-09-16 18:51:14
Not the best turnout we've ever had smilie So be prepared for some heavy-duty advertising next year smilie

Highlight for me was S.G. nightfllying his nitro heli - with no lights! The only illumination being from D.H's portable lamp tower. He decked-it eventually, but only after several minutes of incredible manouvres in a very small space smilie

Also memorable was the shock flyer in the marquee sticking his plane to every surface like a mosquito and the small armada of hovering/flapping/flying indoor stuff.

I don't know who flew the ropelighted heli outdoors, but it had no blade lights and looked very impressive in the way it was flown.

Thanks again to all our sponsors - particularly Midland Heli - and we appreciate your support.
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Kind permission for mhc to video
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-08-06 17:38:37
I have just had a communication back from the Club Secretary of the North Notts flyin that is coming up.
I asked if they would be happy if my self and others from MHC, could video the flying at the event and put it on our site in bulk for every one to enjoy. The word was:(Quote)We'd be glad for you to promote our club event on your site. So feel free!
(/Quote) Thanks for that. If you do get to the flying, you could be able to sit back when you get home and watch your flying from another perspecitive aswell as enjoying others. And for those who can't make it, you can see what you all missed, so you can make plans for another years event.

We will send a reminder to all our members just in case you forget about the event closer to the time.

Thanks again North Notts. smilie smilie
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September 15th and 16th 2007
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-06-14 06:16:46
Thanks to "Simon_S" for pointing out the North Notts fly-in dates.
We have entered their event into our calender with contact details and general information taken from their website.

We will no doubt be there with video in hand to get all the cool flying and atmosphere. This event has grown over the years to become one of the main event in our UK heli calender.

Don't miss it guys.

For a quick link, here is their website address (also in the calender)" target="_blank">Click_here

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