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Dogshome Dogshome's icon
 2007-09-16 18:51:14
Not the best turnout we've ever had smilie So be prepared for some heavy-duty advertising next year smilie

Highlight for me was S.G. nightfllying his nitro heli - with no lights! The only illumination being from D.H's portable lamp tower. He decked-it eventually, but only after several minutes of incredible manouvres in a very small space smilie

Also memorable was the shock flyer in the marquee sticking his plane to every surface like a mosquito and the small armada of hovering/flapping/flying indoor stuff.

I don't know who flew the ropelighted heli outdoors, but it had no blade lights and looked very impressive in the way it was flown.

Thanks again to all our sponsors - particularly Midland Heli - and we appreciate your support.
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Adminmain Adminmain's icon
 2007-09-16 19:51:32
Hi all.
We have just got back from the north notts flyin. Great site and great bunch of guys who have clearly arranged a fantastic event. I am just sorry I could not make the saturday and stay over saturday night. I definitly will try and change things at this end so that next year, me and my lad can be there for the full event!.

I have some vids of the flying today. not sure how good it will come out, but bare with me as I now need to go through it, chop it up and compress it to put online.

I have some footage of the raffle and thanks from the organisers which I want to embed into a thread for all to see.
Nice to meet the organisers and put a face to keith whom kindly gave me the permission to publish video taken at the flyin.

Must get crunching vids. chow for now
Si smilie
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Simon_S Simon_S's icon
 2007-09-16 20:01:52
Thanks to the club for holding the event. It was a great weekend just a shame about the wind today. Saturday was the best day weather wise as it was also windy on the Friday.
It was Pete and Mike who flew the helis without night blades on Saturday night.
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-09-16 20:50:34

I thought those Knights looked as great as the shots you uploaded. (well i guess it would eh) smilie
I got some vid of them so what out for it every one as they flew as well as they looked too. Pilot and heli handled the wind extremly well!

Si smilie