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May 2008 Heli weekender Thread.Park Hall on Model-Helicopters.ComPark Hall Helicopter Club have been at the fore front of Club and competition events in the UK for years.
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 2008-05-12 02:02:52
We would like to thank all the Park Hall guys for organising a superb two day heli event. We were unable to get along on the Saturday, but fortunate enough to get our passes out on Sunday.

The field was great, the atmosphere was chilled. I managed to take a few short video clips of the flying, but sorry to say, not much.. The day was so cool that me and my lad spent our time flying and chatting with the others. Video cam left in the boot for most of the day smilie smilie

We saw mainly 50 sized helis which is the current trend in the UK, but with several 90's chucked in the mix. Synergy's, Vibe 90 and Raptor 90's were some of the selection.
Paul Lison put on some stunning flying with his flybarless Synergy. Some of the biggest normal, inverted and backwards loops we have ever seen ever and an incredible cyclic response, affording him breath taking rolling tail slides terminating in grass cutting pull outs.!

The Park Hall guys will be arranging a scale flyin for later in 2008 and assured me they will be running another pod and boom flying in 2009!.
Watch out for dates in our calendar and forums!

Those few vids will appear in the video vault in due course. Any of you behind those camera at the event, please feel free to upload your video footage or post your pics in your gallerys, and let us know you have done it, in the Park hall forum!.

This is the heli that won the "best looking pod and boom" trophie.

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Team.norris Team.norris's icon
 2008-05-14 19:37:58
must say it was nice to meet you simon and wow your son can fly and he deserved best flight. i enjoyed the standard of flying from beginers to masters and enjoyed meeting all that attended. regards.. norris aka chris
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Electricsceadu Electricsceadu's icon
 2008-08-27 00:51:01
Who's going to the ParkHall Heli Clubs scale and vintage day on sunday 7th sept 2008?
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