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Scooby Scooby's icon
 2007-07-28 00:57:12
I have 2 transmitters, my main TX i use for flying which is a PCM9X2 and a FF8 i use for the simulator.

They are both mode 2, throttle left but the PCM9X has the idle up switch on the right and the FF8 has it on the left.

I am starting to get to the stage now where i will be using flight modes an i don't want to get mixed up so i am going to have to decide once and for all which side i will be using and get one of the transmitters modified.

I have to say the left feels more natural to me but which should i go for and why?

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Sceadu Abuser Sceadu Abuser's icon
 2007-07-28 02:04:23
I have flown a JR 9X for years and just changed to a DX7 and its on the opposite side, so i'll have to be a bit carefull untill i get used to it.

Fly which ever feels more comfortable to you. Some radios the switches can be re-assigned and if I was to find it to uncomfortable to fly with idle up on the left on one side I would open up the back and move them around. its your transmitter and it should feel comfortable for you.
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-07-28 07:34:17
It is a shame that there has never been a real "standard" format for switch positions on transmitters.
I used to have Jr and most of those transmitters had the idle up on the left I think.
I now have a futaba with the idle up totally allocatable which I actually find better to be on the top right.
On my lads Futaba, his is not allocatable and his is on the top left.

I reckon if you have a choice, it might be more usual to have it on the top left. But it is something you can get used to either way and I have found that you can easily change with a little care and practice.

Si smilie

Boothie Boothie's icon
 2007-07-28 20:10:04
Just fly whichever feels comfortable. I have been the same as sceadu abuser, i have been using a 9x and now im using the dx7, but i have got used to it now. So its personal preference really.

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Scooby Scooby's icon
 2007-08-21 17:02:30
Well after much thought i Decided to go with the idle up on the RHS due to the fact that i think it will be easier and more natural for me to get used to the throttle hold switch being above the throttle stick.

I won't discount changing it over to the other side when i am more experienced but for now throttle hold over throttle stick is easy for me to remember, especialy when i do one day find myself in one of those situatons where every second counts.

Thanks for your thoughts and responses people :)
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