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Stan Stan's icon
 2007-04-09 16:10:47

I am planning on buying a jr 9x ii V2
Do you have any experience with these radios?
I prefer the feel to the jr radio as oppossed to the futaba which i have, also my radio is perimative and in the near future when i add more components to my heli, i will be short of channels. They Jr seems easier to program too. Also i will be able to remotely control my govenor when fitted. At the moment i wont because i dont have a spare channel.

Just after some feed back from people who have used this tranny, I shouldnt need to upgrade again if i was to get this would i?


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Phil Phil's icon
 2007-04-09 17:26:01
Hi Stan

if you get a a JR PCM 9X V2 it would be a very good choice in that price range of TX, and it would have all you need to do 3d flying.
I think alot of 3d flyers who are not wanting to pay the price of the more advanced TX, may go for this one.


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Alvin Alvin's icon
 2007-04-09 17:37:20
Am i to assume you no longer want me to bring my pcm 10x down to the field for you?
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Stan Stan's icon
 2007-04-09 18:06:05

Alvin no, i think i am going to get a new pcm9x, reason being i have seen them for 280 with synth module and 10ch synth reciever. Brand new. I know your offering the pcm 10 at a good price, but i dont think ill require the extra features of the pcm 10x. I didnt realise how cheap the pcm 9x was.

Sorry to mess you about.

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Alvin Alvin's icon
 2007-04-09 21:21:41
Part of the extra features of the pcm10x are having the tranny programmed to fly your heli by someone smilie
you're on futaba at the moment,jr stuff has different menu's and values for settings,are you confident enough to set up your own helicopter from scratch?if not you may wish to persuade one of the other members to do it for you........
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