RCer Dragonus

RCer DragonusHere is a cracking little heli supplied to a high quality. Various version are available offering different specs.
If you are interested in the Rcer dragonus, own one or used to, get involved and discuss your thoughts together.
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Rcer dragonus elite pro
Coolice Coolice's icon.
 2007-05-17 08:41:11
Hey All,

Well I have got myself another topic to get involved with, the relatively new to the UK RCer Dragonus range.

Some of you may be asking yourselves "But he's sponsored by Century!" Well yes I am and will always be hardcore Century, but at the moment Century do not have a model in the Trex size catagory. Hence when my battery sponsors Over-Tech (Overlander) mentioned to me about building and flying a Dragonus I jumped at the chance, as I had been hankering after a model of this size for a little while.

So far so good with my own example, I did have an annoying glitch every now and then which I have sorted with the addition of a base loaded aerial, in this case a Turbo Antenna. Now the model is glitch free and awesome.
Spares are very reasonably priced, competitive with others in the size catagory as well which is a bonus plus the model looks good. This allows the flier and me to be a little more daring with this size of model as it wont cost a lot to repair smilie

So who's got one and what are your findings?

Ian Contessa
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