Junior 50 Thread.Robbe on Model-Helicopters.ComRobbe (or Robbe Schluter) have manufactured model helicopters for many years. Although they have largely dropped out of the market, there are still many pilots around the world that enjoy flying Robbe Schluter Helicopters.
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DAVID1 DAVID1's icon
 2007-03-27 10:55:20
hi, anybody out there still flying this old but goody(not jade!!) like to chat about this piece of rotorcraft history
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-03-27 16:54:14
Well I guess at these early days, there are few on the site that know of this machine, let along fly one. Hopefully in time when others know about the site, then there will be those who do.

As for me, I had one and still to this day remember it as a sweet machine.
Back then it was said that the threads on the links were cut and not rolled. (Or something like that).
So with time or stress, they could fail. Unfortunitly before I heard about this issue, mine did fail and wrote the machine off completly.
I remember going to the place I bought it from and being told that they knew about it and sorry they forgot to mention it. OH great.
I got a swap for the wreckage of a 154gyro.. smilie smilie

It thrived on a high head speed. Sort of 1900 to 2000. Mine felt locked and incredibly solid at that. Lower more moderate head speeds definitly did not suit it for me.
A bit heavy for sure, and a relativley small disk for the weight. Hence the head speed increase made a big difference.

Hey, if you have any pics of the machine, do shove em in your gallery with any others you have. Would be good to take a gander over it!.

Can you still get bits for em?? If so I do wonder about picking one up second hand. A blast from the past sort of thing. But if spares are the issue I imagine, then it would be a bit foolish of me maybe smilie

DAVID1 DAVID1's icon
 2007-04-10 20:19:53
hi, my junior (god bless her)is undergoing renovation at the moment, so photo would only be as she is now , and hopefully with all the new bits added, os50 mp2, remote rear servo, digital gyro, still has analouge (anyone remember them?) fitted. spares situation is not that bad at rthe moment,found a good site in germany for some parts, most rator parts look as though they may fit.about the same disc size as a rappy 30 550cm blades(on a 50 size!!)will keep a threa going on the progress of this ...might even fly again...hope it's not 2 over powered with os 50
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