SpektrumSpektrum was the first rc radio system to beocome available on 2.4 gig. Many have followed afterwards, but Spektrum continue to develop inovative new ideas.
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Wantime Wantime's icon.
 2008-07-06 06:47:35
Hi all.... I jus got myself a Spektrum DX6i. I'm having problems with binding it with the supplied AR6200 receiver. I tried following the manual but wat i'm missing is the Switch harness n the receiver batt. Is a NiMH 4.8v receiver enuff to get the job done? Is the switch harness necessary or is thr another way to bind without the harness? Also I cant get the DX6i to calibrate on my phoenix sim. the aileron/ elevator/pitch kept gng haywire. when i look channel display on the sim, its shows tt when i push the throttle stick (no other inputs), the aileron/ elevator also moves. it shows the same in the TX monitor in the setup list. is this normal? Pls help...... smilie
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Binding new receiver
Roger1950 Roger1950's icon.
 2008-03-23 12:30:23
I was having a problem binding My new AR7000 as the power supply to the receiver only has 2 wires they say you need to connect into the charging plug useing the supplied plug this connect the 2 outer wires together feeding back into the receiver what does this third wire do on a normal receiver setup I have a n old Mascot plane this does not have 3 wires. but the plane works ok.
I have also put a post on the beginers site.
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Dx7 and revlock 10
Alex Alex's icon.
 2008-01-10 18:07:09
hi all i am just trying to set my dx7 up with my revlock 10 and i am have trouble.

i want to be able to as follows

in normal mode revlock to be off

in idle up 1 revlock to be armed at 1700 head speed mode a or b

in idle up 2 revlock to be armed at 1800 headspeed mode a or b

all i can do at the moment is that the 3 position switch in norm will turn it of and idle up 1 and 2 will turn it on

i have to use the aux2 switch to switch between the different head speeds.

i would really like to be able to do it all with the 3 postion switch.

please can any one help

ps i have tried mixs but no good yet

i will keep trying
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My new 450 is in the air
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2007-07-11 16:10:50
well, i finally followed the trend of the masses and have my own little Trex450 in the air .
I had to wait for the pennies to build to get the radio etc, but now skint, avec le radio, I'm happy.

Very sweet little toy. Smooth as silk too. I reckon it was a good plan to hang back all this time, because during that time they appear to have changed / upgraded the 450 several times to create the latest version, the SE v2.

Totally standard at the moment, regarding motor, blades speed controller etc. No metal bling, just standard build.
Unless things ware out quickly, I can't see why I would want to change anything. The motor seams to have enough power for this old fart and his old fashioned style of flying.
I installed the pinion that is recommended for general flying, not 3d.
Smooooothy with expo is the way forward for this old grandad flyer.

Nice toy.. Got to take the traditional boring photos now and shove um in mi gallery.

Simon has joined the 21st century smilie smilie
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Battery not holding charge
Boothie Boothie's icon.
 2007-07-11 14:44:46
Anyone else had a problem where the battery doesnt hold its charge.
Mines done it twice where its cut out and one times has caused me to destroy my synergy.
And now this weekend, was down at MK with my Trex600N and the same happened again, but i managed to save it.
This is proper off putting for to be using the spektrum transmitter.
I have sent it off the Horizon yesterday, and i rang up 2day,
But they have started on it yet.
Will be glad when i get this sorted.
By the way, the Trex600N's ROCK!

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Spektrum 2.4 ghz
Alvin Alvin's icon.
 2007-07-12 18:27:26
Right,who's going for the new spectrum 2.4 ghz modules that are going to be available soon? They are available to fit jr and futaba radio's at an approximate cost of about 200 for the reciever and the module.no more channel clashes.I'm thinking it might be worth going for,It means you get to keep your existing radio.the only bad thing i can think of is the fact that they will be limited to 8 channels with futaba and 9 channels with jr.so if you have a pcm 10 you lose 1 channel automatically smilie
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