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Century swift any good
Alex Alex's icon.
 2009-02-27 17:33:38
hi there i am thinking of buying a second hand swift, and i would like to no if they are any good as a sports model, no fancy flying smilie as i have not flown for around 8 months and was not that good before smilie i can pick one up quite cheap so would like some info be for i buy

thanks alex
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Whats in your swift
Coolice Coolice's icon.
 2007-05-14 20:15:16
Hey All,

I have been after a Century Swift forum since I joined this site and now I have it so I shall kick things off.

My own Swift I feel is one of the best machines I have ever flown, ok I could be called a little biased but the model in general is amazing and many other every day fliers seem to agree to.

So, to get things going tell me about your Swift, what do you like, dont like, would change, would not change. Show me some pictures to, lets get talking Swifts!

Ian Contessa
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