Wobble when doing Agressive Flips Thread.Synergy on Model-Helicopters.ComSome of the top pilots in the world were brought in to design and create the Synergy N9 model Helicopter. Flying characteristics has to be stunning.
The N5 followed as another successful helicopter.
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-03-10 13:26:17
Hi all.
I was asked the question as to what might cause a wobble on a guys Synergy, when he is doing Aggresive flips?
I could not really give any solid answers to that seeing as I don\'t yet own a Synergy myself.
My initial suggestions were to look at the damping, and bearings etc on the feathering spindle area.

But I wonder if any one else has had this with their synergy or not smilie And if so what was the cause.

Si smilie smilie smilie
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2007-03-11 00:48:14
Just got back from flying this afternoon. I have not been up the field for some time, so I had not actually seen this "wobble".
Today I saw that when the guy did nose up metronomes, the tail wagged back and forth.
One might down the gain initially,but this impacted on the overall hold.

I suggested it was the mounting. I have heard that different machines do require different mounting techniques when it comes to the csm 720.

Well, once the canopy was off, I could see that wires were hanging around and the receiver / lipo / regulator pack was sliding around a bit, simply held with a velcro strap!.

We removed the 4 little sticky pads and added on big square one, then tied the wires down and strapped the radio stuff up.

Hey ho.. no waggin (wobble).

Again it appears that to get the stunning performance that a csm720 can offer, you do have to take great care in mounting the unit and securing anything that it might pick up on.

Problem solved!. bargain!

SI smilie

Steve boov Steve boov's icon
 2008-01-20 19:42:53
I have used reg plate tape to stick down my 720. perhaps not the best thing to use but it has stayed stuck to my fury for some time now and works well smilie smilie
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