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Elyq 90
Billpindar Billpindar's icon.
 Thu 20th Jan 2011
Thinking of buying a new 90 size Heli. Has anybody heard if the Elyq 90 is any good.
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A new beginning for 3d uk competition.
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2010-08-29 18:54:00
We are currently in the middle of the first properly recognized uk 3d competition in the UK!

F3N is now a nationally BMFA affiliated championship, currently sited at Barkston Heath along side the well established F3C class.
Mike Eddington can be proud to say he is the very first pilot to fly in this new class.
Winds on Sunday 29th August 2010 ( today ), are extreme with prolonged measured speed of 30-35mph.

Despite these heavy gales, pilots still flew their compulsory manoeuvres round showing a true pride and grit in us Brits!

Monday hopefully will be calmer allowing pilots to enter the free styling round.
I am pleased to be involved in this evolving new national competition by judging these brave pioneering pilots.
More tomorrow with final positions.

Pilots for 2010 are:
Rob Turnbull, Mike ( Edders ) Edington, Peter Ayriss, Jason Platt, Ian Contessa, Duncan Osbourne, Charlie Cave, Shane Marshall.
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