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Scale model project
Stan Stan's icon.
 2008-02-18 19:21:26

I am after a project that i can spend time on rather than money (Well maybe a little money he he).

As most people at my club know, i like to spend money on my heli and buy all the best bits rather than stick with it and fly. Well i have decided that i shall keep my trex as is and fly it. And learn to fly it well.

But i now need something to fill that spending gap and keep me off the net buying new bits that i dont need. So i would really like to either restore a scale model or build one. Now i need it to be realatively cheap as i have bought a house and have little spare change.

Has anyone got any advice on this or any old machines that are collecting dust and require finishing.

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Trex 450 align fuselages
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2008-02-17 20:08:18
I have a trex 450 SE v2.. Ok, so its all good as standard but I tend to find it a bit "skittish" and hard to do nice flying with. I chucked it about and spent most of the time fighting to tame it.

Anyway, I heard that Align make special high quality glass fuselages for the 450 heli.
I decided that it would be nice to tone this little heli down and fly it in closer with one of these new shells.
59.95 is mega value when I looked at what I got. All cut out and painted.. Lazer cut wood, windows and stickers all included too. How does any one make any money on this sort of product I wonder. So much work to make it for such a low cost. Anyway, I took a couple of shots today. I think it is real smart as did the other club members.. Something for you to consider maybe. They do an augusta and coming out soon is a Hughes 500.. I went for the EC-135..

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Nnmfc 2008 flyin
Dogshome Dogshome's icon.
 2008-02-13 21:02:27 smilie
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Clutch alignment
Alex Alex's icon.
 2008-02-13 19:54:33
hi i am trying the align my clutch at the moment, i have in within 0.015mm on my dail gauge, please could someone tell me if this is ok. also what would be a bad alignment

thanks alex
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Rjx extreme 50
Alex Alex's icon.
 2008-02-11 21:24:07
hi what do you all make of the rjx extreme 50

check out the link below

spares are cheap aswell!!!!!
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Tsk acrostar
Alex Alex's icon.
 2008-01-28 19:32:48
hi does anyone have any views on the tsk acrostar 60, i think the quick 60 is the same

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Adyh Adyh's icon.
 2008-01-23 06:07:25
Could anyone advise me what gyro would be good for me. At the minute I have a gws which seems very sensitive to wind change and have to keep counter acting on the sticks. The gyro is fully adjusted to hold its position but does seem to drift occasionally
Cheers Adrian

P.S. The heli I am using at the moment is a Hirobo shuttle plus with a ervine 36 engine.
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Video rating and comment addition
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-01-07 16:37:44

I'm still working on this new feature to the site. But next time you view a video within the Video Vault, take a look below the vid as it plays in the viewer.
You will now see how many ratings have been placed up to date along with the current average star rating of that particular clip.

Also see the "click here" where you can place you own rating and comments. Please feel free to place a star rating for any video. Once you have confirmed your new rating, you are given a comment box aswell.

If you have already rated a particular video, it will say "edit" instead. This is due to the fact that you can only rate a clip once. but you can edit that rating at any time.

This is just the first step of this new addition. I now have to change the layouts of the video vault so that you can read all the comments and ratings. (Not done yet).

Onward and upward for the site as always, adding new stuff all the time.

Hope this new system will be of interest and entertainment to all!

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Which flight sim?
Shuttlespanker Shuttlespanker's icon.
 2007-12-27 21:44:42
Hi all, been away from flying at the field for a while, i have been using the Truflite sim up until now.

TBH, there is nothing wrong with Truflite apart from the "cartoon" type graphics and some issues with the tail kicking when the model is in a close tail in hover.

I was wondering what the best sim is these days for realistic graphics and flyability of the models.

thanks smilie
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One lucky 11 year old
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2007-12-26 11:12:44
Hi Guys
Well we don't mess about.. Mattyboy was one lucky lad yesterday (Christmas day) as he got his very own Align 600N pro.
Speced to the max as follows.
West 50 H and pipe, Spartan 760 with 8900g. Revmax and 3001 for throttle . 3 9255 futaba digitals with cycloc on the ccpm. Lipo, regulator and 168pcm futaba reciever.
Additions to the heli are the longer flybar, frame corner supports, metal blade grips and front gyro mount.
Header tank has been added and BBT main blades and NHP tails as per my two Align machines.

A busy day it was on Christmas day, but between us we have it done and running sweet. Revmax is setup, as is the cycloc and gyro. To the point where I have downloaded the firmware updates on his spartan and tweaked the end stops. All tracked just need plenty running in now.
A couple of pics on it's initial flight in the garden this Boxing day morning.. Lovely machine!!!

Dad did not do so well, but with two 600N's of my own, I guess i don't want for much in the heli world at the moment. My fun little heli prezzy from the wife, (pictured below) got a lot of flying whilst building the lads prezzy.

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