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Spectrum vs futaba
David_wilkinson_1 David_wilkinson_1's icon.
 2007-09-25 09:32:05
As a beginner would be people suggest getting the Spectrum DX7 or the Futaba 2.4Ghz Tx equivalent?! Bearing mind i'm complete new to hobby and money is not abundant.
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Additions to mhc's site
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-09-24 12:22:19
Hi every one.
We would like to point out a few little tweaks to this site that should be of interest and help.

1: On the home page you will now find a feature (backed with blue).. "UK Location Searches".This is still in an initial stage and will be expanded a lot further, including interactive maps with markers. For now, you can enter your postcode in the UK, select a maximum distance and type of company. Click Submit and a list of your choice will be shown in distance order. By clicking on the headings "name, Town, County, Distance" you can change the listing order.
You will be able to click on the name of the company and get more information. This is basically an expansion of our links section. (Still under development).

2: If you have uploaded a Video to our site, you will now see a new 'yellow' box in "The Video Vault". This is a new Video manager feature which allows you to change some of the details of an existing video aswell as choosing to delete it completly from the server.Natrually you can only manage your videos and this will not appear if you have not yet uploaded any vids.

3: If you vist our MHC Calendar, you will see a visual change. Using colour we have tried to highlight events clearer and "strikeout" and "grey out" paste events and dates.
So now you should be able to identify current and future events easier and quicker. Don't forget that you can add "Personal events" to the calendar that only you can see. Birthdays, Appointments, Reminders of any sort. Just go to a day page and see at the top "add a personal event". Once added, these will show clearly helping you not to forget important events of your own.

4: If you have any items on sale in our FREE classifieds section, when you go to "My Classifieds" manager, you will now see a DELETE button for each item on Sale. Previously an advert has to run it's course or be altered to remove information if the item was no longer required to be on sale. A silly ommission now sorted.

We are currently working in the expansion of the Post code location system so that we can have all the UK clubs appearing in an on screen map with distances showing from your current postcode.

Development of the site will continue to take it to new levels, hopefully giving all our members a ever better community. (oh, don't forget we have a live online Instant messenger where you can chat one to one with as many members as chat boxes that will fit on your screen).

Admin. smilie
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Windows vista and reflex xtr
Crosswind Crosswind's icon.
 2007-09-23 21:30:11
If like me you had trouble installing XTR onto a computer running windows Vista below is the official advice from the Reflex site:-
Reflex XTR 5.04 CD version or later is running perfectly nice in a Vista environment.

Earlier versions run nicely as well but the installer isn't Vista prepared. If you don't want to use a 5.04 CD version, please install Reflex on an XP computer and copy the directory c:\progam files\reflex to your Vista PC to C:\Reflex using an network or a memory stick. In Vista you have to be administrator to set read/write rights to all users for the Reflex directory. Without a working installer, you have to make your own shortcuts to the desktop or to your task bar.

However this didn't work for me as when i started XTR it couldn't find some modified files. Tried several times without success !!!
To make it work I deleted Reflex completely and reinstalled a 'clean' new version then copied the files to the Vista computer. Bingo.

Hope this makes it easier for anyone else switching to Vista !!!!

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Leaving the sport
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-09-16 09:58:27
just to say thanks to everyone who has helped be on this site and and at leicester heli fllyers, but i have decided to stop this hobby as i really dont have time anymore and it is really hard to master smilie so thanks everyone, as for the future you never know i might find the time and money again to try again.

alex smilie
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Cy atg
Bond007 Bond007's icon.
 2007-09-13 10:09:55
Anyone using this

Like your views on it please smilie
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Hands up please?!
David_wilkinson_1 David_wilkinson_1's icon.
 2007-09-12 15:50:33

I'm new to helis and want to make sure i get a decent one to start with and having spoken to various people, answers i got on here and the internet and magazines.
I have come to decide between the following

Raptor 30
T-rex 600N
Century Hawk Pro 50

Can people help please?
(Reasons would be nice so can use them on the missus to convince her smilie )

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Flybarless heads
Phil Phil's icon.
 2007-09-10 19:39:31
I have just fitted CSM Cyclock with two csm 720 gyro's to my Voyager 50 IMZ.

Before I set up the CL1 and gyro's I was getting + & - 20 deg on the pitch and the same on the cyclic's. plenty of scope there.

After my first few flights the heli is more stable and the cyclic's are very quick !. You get more head power, and less loading on the engine due to no flybar.
I think it is alot easyer to set the heli to how you like it to fly, just by adjust settings on the CL1 and 720 gyro's. Moving levers, ball's and links around takes time to sort out after many flights, and may not get it quite right.

Flybarless heads with electronic control systems are the way forward.

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Charmouth october fly in
Bond007 Bond007's icon.
 2007-09-10 13:00:47
Anyone going, or want to go smilie

A friend and my good self are going for the weekend, travel down Friday late pm and returning Sunday evening.

Accomodation is 90 for a 6 berth caravan for the weekend. There is space in our caravan if anyone wants it, split the cost.

More the merrier I say smilie

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Sportsmans or f3c anyone ?
Bond007 Bond007's icon.
 2007-09-10 12:50:59
Any other budding Sportsman or F3C wanabees here, apart from me? smilie

I entered the NATS sportsmans, my first comp, and am happy to share my experience and offer any advice. Going to the last AHA comp in October at St Albans.

Then I'm off to spend some hard earned on a new heli over the winter, for a full on competition season next year.

I gather the main interest in heli's at the moment is 3D, which I admire and appreciate the level of control and skill involved, but I have always been into larger and smoother aerobatics. Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert, but can loop and roll reasonably well, which is good enough to give it a go. I think the discipline and skills required for even the Sportsmans schedules, can vastly improve your 3D flying as well, especially as positioning has become more important. I know a good 3D flyer, Danny Lock has learnt a lot from flying the Sportsmans this year, and he was (is) predominately a 3Der.

So don't be shy, post a reply and I'll see you at the next comp (?)

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Videos at the loughborough 2007 flyin
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-09-10 05:18:07
Well we didn't get a mass of vids at the flyin. Mainly because we got talking to old heli friends catching up etc.
But we got some ok footage I think.
If you read this within 7 days of them going on line (online on Monday 9th September 2007), then you simply click on the "new Videos in the last 7 days" link in the yellow top bar on every center page.

Other wise, go to the video vault and enter "loughborough" into the location search field.

Notice on the flight of duncan flying his Align nitro 600 pro, that half way through it spat some fuel on the camera lens smilie .
I think it was trying to tell duncan something.. "I'm getting dizzy" might have been the message smilie
I hope they are ok. North Notts next week. Hoping for a big turn out to get lots of other pilots and their machines.

Si smilie
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