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I have my trex 600n
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-06-13 17:00:44
I recieved a phone call from Trevor at Midland Helis telling me that my Trex 600N I ordered is in and ready for collection.
I will be collecting it tomorrow and starting to build it at the weekend. I am in now rush to get it in the air and I will be taking my time building it to make sure I have everything perfect. So, all i'm going to say regarding my Trex is:


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Nuneaton fly-in done and dusted.
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2007-06-11 06:27:38
I thought i would highlight the Nuneaton Flyin held yesterday (10th June 2007), in this, the central main forum on MHC.
Please check out the dedicated forum in the list and let us know what you thought.

Video footage is in our Video vault and some more to go in still.
The weather was stunning, the flying was inspirational, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.

We will send a reminder a bit closer to the day for the Mk heli flyin to help you all find time to work out the leaverage to get your passed out and join in.

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Who needs a lipo or nitro..... when we will have this very soon
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-06-09 05:56:58
Researchers in the US have demonstrated an experimental wireless energy transfer system that could pave the way for truly wireless computing. The team has already successfully made a 60W light bulb light up from a distance of 2 metres.

This might be very early days, but the work has been described as "truly pioneering" by Professor Moti Segev of the Israel Institute of Technology.

The group of researchers, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), outlined their ideas in a paper in 2006. But this experiment (the details of which have been published in the Journal Science), is the first time it has been made to work.

The experiment exploits the phenomenon of resonant coupling. It involves two copper coils of two feet in diameter. One, the transmitter, is connected to a power source and the other is connected to a light bulb. The two coils are set up two metres apart, and when the transmitter is switched on, the light bulb (attached to the receiver) lights up.
MIT explains how resonant coupling can add energy to a system by drawing a parallel with a child on a swing. The child can, by pumping his or her legs at the resonant frequency of the swing, add energy to the system and swing higher. Similarly, an opera singer can, by sustaining a powerful enough note for long enough, cause a wine glass to shatter, so long as the note matches the resonant frequency of the glass.

In the experiment, the transmitter generates a non-radiative magnetic field oscillating at MHz frequencies. This field mediates the power exchange with the other coil, which has been specifically designed to resonate with it.

The researchers explain that the crucial advantage of using the non-radiative field lies in the fact that most of the power not picked up by the receiving coil remains bound to the vicinity of the sending unit, instead of being radiated into the environment and lost.

This design does limit the range of the power transfer, but is much more efficient. The team adds that it is about a million times more efficient than non-resonance based induction.

"We had a strong faith in our theory but experiments are the ultimate test," said assistant professor Marin Soljacic, who worked on the research. "So we went ahead and sure enough we were successful, the experiments behave very much like the theory."

Happily for lovers of neologisms everywhere, they have dubbed their discovery: WiTricity. Nikola Tesla, who first proposed radiant energy around the turn of the last century, would be proud, we are sure.
The team suggests the system could be modified to create power hotspots for laptops so mobile users wouldn't need to run down their batteries when they are out and about.

The wider scientific community is keen to stress the safety of using magnetic fields and resonance to transfer power.

"The body really responds strongly to electric fields, which is why you can cook a chicken in a microwave," Professor Sir John Pendry of Imperial College London told the BBC. "But it doesn't respond to magnetic fields. As far as we know the body has almost zero response to magnetic fields in terms of the amount of power it absorbs."

This, we are sure, will not stop someone from claiming that their WiTricity has given them a headache/nausea/caused them to be bed ridden. A friend of El Reg recently reported meeting someone who claimed her LCD screen made her sneeze. We'll make no further comment.

Source: TheRegister.

I found this a very interesting read. What's your thoughts guys?

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Gy611 gyro setup
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-06-03 19:22:49
hi all i have purchased a new futaba gy611 gyro for my trex nitro, as i am only used to csm gyros the gy611 is abit different, what i would like to know is how the remote gain adjustments work

i will be using a jr 9x2 transmitter and would like to no if you use the gyro mixing fuction or use the gear channel atvs to adjust the gain for heading lock and normal mode.

under the gyro fuction on the 9x2 you can set different values for each switch position, nor,id1,id2,hold.

please help anyone smilie smilie

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Site tweaks
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-06-02 17:16:15
Just to highlight a few tweaks etc that I have been coding while in north wales for a week away.
I have brought forward the Sponsors feature a little more. If you see in the forum readers, underneath each post there will be the extra link "Sponsors" IF that member has entered any of his sponsors.

We would invite all members to be proud that they have sponsorship support from a company and consider entering their sponsors in "MYCONSOLE / Add-edit my sponsors".
You simple click "Add", then enter their name, their website and fill in any information or comments you want. You can list their products, what you personally use and even telephone numbers and / or addresses.
Put their products and contacts forward for members to read about.

So that extra link will only show when a member has entered at least one sponsor. Also if you now look at the "Online members" page, you will see some extra links on the right of each member. These simply link to their gallery, profile page, but also any adverts they might have listed and their sponors page again. This makes it quick and simple to have a look around. Note that if no sponsors or adverts are not created by that member, the link is not behind the word.

You can also look for people with sponsors by using the members search feature at the top. Simply go to "MHC Members". A new column shows if a member has sponsors and how many. Just click on that number to see their information.
Once you have a members sponsors page on screen, you will see a search. You can enter any word or part of word, and get a list of members who have entered a sponsor using those characters.
eg. Enter "quick" or "align" etc. You could use this to find the right people to send a Private message to, if you have a question regarding one of their sponsors products. smilie

I have added the name of the forum to the top of each thread. (That was missing before).
The forum listing on the right has been re structured again. It allows me to add new forums to the list, keeping the helicopter forums together and the general forums at the top.
Within the instant messenger, when chatting to another member, his status is showing now, as to whether he is a panel member, supporter etc. These are now also shown in the posts on the left if you are a supporter, under your icon picture.

I know of one huge bug in the calendar!. Maybe no one spotted it, but on the 31st of a month,when you go look at it, the whole thing is screwed. This is actually an issue with what they call the "storetime command" which is pre written and can't be edited as such.
So I am having to completly re write the whole calendar based on a whole new principle on how to track and work out days, years and dates etc.
It's looking good and working on my lappy, but I just need to write the "day page" then it's online and fixed.(I hope) smilie

OH and if you look in the "online members" page, you can see a new link at the top right about "abbreviations key".
Clicking here will drop down information about what the different types of member is all about.

I'll keep on the case, tweaking and improving.. Adding more etc. If you have sponsors helping with your hobby, maybe go visit this and add them in. smilie

Regards to all. (and I'm back on the vids too.. uploads coming) smilie
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Advice needed!!!!!
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-06-02 14:33:28
I need some advice. I'm thinking of buying another Heli as well as my Raptor and Trex 600N but I'm having a few problems making my mind up. I have short listed it to

Knight Sport

My guy feeling is saying "Vibe" But to be honest I'm going slowly but surely off the 90 size helis. I have had conversations with people and they say they the 90 will be few and far between in the next 2 years.Plus the price of parts for the Vibe are astronomical. Ideas much appreciated.

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New trex 450 se v2
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2007-06-02 14:19:12
Ok so I have just got a trex v2 se heli.
Got it friday night while packing to go to north wales for the week, so took it with me and had it together in an evening. (Almost ready built).

Now I need to go buy servos, gyro, receiver. Whats the word.
I have a 14mz futaba tranny so I guess if I want pcm, I am stuck with the big 1024 reciever?
What about cyclic servos and particularly the tail servo and gyro. I need this thing to fly superbly. Tail nailed etc.

Is the standard motor any good or should I get an upgrade before I start? If I did get a better motor, does the included speed controller take it?
Is the standard battery any good. Should I get better?

One serious concern.. The standard motor does not have a flat on the output shaft. So it only has a small grub screw locking it on. Ok I can use some good shaft lock, but if that fails.. ooo.
So does any one grind a flat on that shaft to ensure it does not fail? Or do we all shove that motor and replace it?

Need some guidance here if you are into em.
Si smilie
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Bdmac midsummer rally invite
Flyingmotorbike Flyingmotorbike's icon.
 2007-05-29 18:56:46
Blackburn MAC is pleased to announce an updated event for 2007. All model pilots invited, BBQ Sat & Sun, camping on site by arrangement beforehand. Fly -in type event A / B certs
( Novices may only fly if accompanied by instructor ). Club trainer available.

Off the peg flying with reserved slots for trade / Large models and turbines.

Where possible ODDS for fixed wing and EVENS for helis or you may experience a delay

2.4 Ghz allowed under 20 Kgs

BMFA and BDMAC rules to apply.

Note B cert / LMA proficiency essential for larger models
Note B cert / LMA jet proficiency essential for turbine models.

Proof of BMFA insurance required on the day.
It is a requirement for site use that ALL flyers carry BMFA insurance. ( Contact me if you are not a BMFA member )

All event proceeds will go to charity.

This information supercedes previous notification.


SUNDAY 20.00 - silent flight only after 20.00 hrs

Contact for more information
Kevin Watson on 01254 887684 or 07973 343893 or or see

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My new heli
Stan Stan's icon.
 2007-05-28 13:44:57

Just bought a milly 2 which i think is a 70 which i am wanting to convert to a 90. Need all gear to go in it so if anybody has anything por sale drop us a pm.


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Multi governor
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-05-28 10:46:11
has anyone used the multigov governor if so was it anygood?

thanks alex smilie
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