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Over 200 members
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-05-12 17:58:21
I am so pleased to see that over 200 pilots have now found the site and had a look around.
Maybe one day, you will all post in the forums.
Lots of model entered so the model analysis section is getting very interesting and useful.

I have added "sponsors" to your details section (MYCOSOLE / edit my details).
You can now list all those sponsors who help you and add their website links.

I am about to code links to echo this out under each post you write and in your profiles. So this will help to promote these companies and individuals who kindly support you guys. Maybe go list them if you have the moment.

You can now list which regulator you use, glow plug and fuel types with each model. So if you go to update the models you can now add that in to show others what is most popular and works best etc.

I shall be adding paddles soon as this is a definite important element that pilots do select very carefully to get the best balance to suit them. Don' forget that with each model defined, you can commennt on any aspect of the model in the comments box. (Even with smiles).

More to come.
regards to all
Simon (Admin)
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Synergy n9
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-05-10 18:13:15
hi check this out another synergy vid.......

hopefully you will be doing this alvin if you get that synergy

alex smilie
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C you in 4 months?
Synergyn9 Synergyn9's icon.
 2007-05-03 10:21:50
Just want to say goodbye to all my fellow heliflyers hope 3d masters goes well and will see everyone in september?cheers andy smilie
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Clubman 3d
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-05-02 18:18:42
Is anyone going to the Clubman 3D? I am going saturday & sunday

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Synergy dealership at realraptors
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-05-01 13:29:29
sorry to here that realraptors have had there synergy dealership taken away from them, not to sure on the reason but i think it was down to selling 3rd party parts(upgrades) what a load oh boll--ks (.mad.).
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Whens it arriving?
Synergyn9 Synergyn9's icon.
 2007-04-27 20:41:12
So then anyone heard when this aurura is coming our are they not realising it till next year?
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Whats the crack for the weekend?
Synergyn9 Synergyn9's icon.
 2007-04-27 12:57:00
SO then who is going up at the weekend i can only make sunday so lets go and have some fun? (.twisted.)
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Check this out
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-04-26 16:52:21
One thing is for sure though. Align has announced the development of the T-Rex 700 Nitro and it is a 90 sized heli. Augusto better get the Aurora out before it hits or he is going to be hurtin'. I know that if the big T-Rex comes out first I'll buy one as it will fly great and parts will be in supply, every hobby shop on earth will be able to get it and part prices will be great. Align unlike most companies will probally have it out in a month or two. Literally. I think they have people working 24 hours a day over there. Geez. Have you ever seen the video of thier factory it looks like 1,000 people work there. They had a automated process for wiping the empoyees butts almost

This could finally be interesting again....

I am rooting for Align on this one. This Aurora release crap has been beyond the point of utter boredom for a while now and I am tired of waiting. I have a Trex600 now and I love it! Whats more is, the Trex600 can perform just about as well as any Aurora and it's electric and without CX's programable head. I can only imagine what a .90 size nitro Trex could do in the right hands. I will be watching for it and I will definately jump ship on this aurora thing and eat my deposit. Is there an expected release date or at least an idea on when this thing might be ready for production?

So, will Danny and Alan be flying both the Trex700 and the Aurora at funfly's and expo's as they may be direct competion? Sounds like a conflict of intrests to me Things could get interesting again....finally

any one know anything about a trex 90 size??????????? smilie
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Aplus 400 electric heli
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-04-22 17:32:00

Hi all check out this link

i really miss my old trex 450 so was going to buy a new one but found this instead, its carbon frame and tail boom cnc machined head and tail and only cost me 165 pounds posted from hong kong.

included is heli, 2 batts, motor, esc, servos, align 500 gyro.

just hope its ok, but for 165 pounds who cares smilie

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Synergyn9 Synergyn9's icon.
 2007-04-21 20:03:16
Any one going up tom? smilie
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