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Thanks lads!!
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-04-21 19:18:10
I'd like to say a very big thank you to Alvin & Alex for helping me sort out me Heli today.
A special Thank you goes to Alvin who took time out to give me a little tutoring and it came out good smilie smilie
You are worh your weight in Gold Alvin mate, without your help I don't know where I would have been. Alex, thanks again mate, you were a good help smilie Alvin, you're an inspiration matey, there should be more like you in the world smilie

Cya next time.

P.S I'll ring you in the week Alvin matey.
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Who is going up tom?
Synergyn9 Synergyn9's icon.
 2007-04-20 15:41:30
So then after a busy week at work who is going up and thrash hell out of there helis? smilie
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Ys 50 st engine
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-04-17 20:28:47
Hi all i have just been surfing the net smilie and come across a ys 50 st engine i have not seen any of these in ordinary model shops so was wondering if anyone has any information on them.

are they any good, they are pumped just the same as the ys 91 st.

thanks alex
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Wild cat fuel
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-04-16 20:02:41
Hi all what are your views on wildcat fuel as i have seen 30 % for less than 15 pounds and 20 % for 12 pounds,

is it any good for a os 50 hyper and ys 91 st4.

thanks alex smilie
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Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-04-15 21:12:35
Hi Guys,
After an good day flying today. I went off and got out the heli, started hovering again and low and behold the vibrations started again. When I first took it out of the car at the Heli Club and hovered it, it was vibrating like a b**ch so Si had a look and altered a few hings, tightened a few things and lastly he increased the head speed. After doing all this he flew it around with NO vibration. When I got it out 1 hour later, I was hovering at eye level and on the second lift, it started to vibrate like crazy, to a point where I thought I was going to lose control.

Can anyone help me / advise me please. I fly a raptor 50 Titan and it has an OS 50 Hyper.

Thanks in advance Guys

Talk Soon
Graham (Gwyri)
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Instant messenger beta v3
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-04-14 22:20:40
We would like to let you all know of a new version of the instant messenger within MHC.

1: Multi chat. As many out going and incoming chats at any time.

2: You do not have to have the Instant messenger window open to be available for contact.

3: The list within the Instant messenger window now shows members online within 15 seconds.
Simply click ONCE on a members name to invite them to chat.

4: You can leave the IM window open, shut all other browser windows and the IM window will now monitor all incoming chats for you. (A stand alone system).

5: Your left side bar will change to a bold red table when an incoming chat request is sent. Please watch out for it.

6: If a member feels they are unavailable to chat when receiving a chat request, he can click ignore and a busy message will be sent to the instigator of the contact.

7. IM hide:
Supporters have a "session hide" feature if they are busy doing other things on the site.
Panel members have a "permanent" hide function, if they feel they would like to concentrate on forums and PM conversations.

There remain several areas that we are working on to improve our IM.

You can chat privately one to one with any members and as many as you can fit on the screen at any one time. So feel free to use our messenger to keep in touch with heli dudes / mates.

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Whats the word?
Synergyn9 Synergyn9's icon.
 2007-04-13 20:13:00
So then you ugly lot weather looking great this weekend who going up then? smilie
I carnt make it as only got few weekends till i go so will have to wait till next week to show you lads how to fly smooth and accurate with the best machine on the market smilie smilie
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Os hyper 50 problems
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-04-11 19:09:09
Hi all on this sunny day smilie i have been flying today with my synergy and knight 50 the synergy was running sweet smilie but my knight 50 has been a right pain in the ass. smilie first of all it blow the plug then when i got it running in cut out 50 foot up luckly i got it down in one piece(not very good at autos........) another plug blown, i tryed again and it was running sweet then it bloody cut again and i got it down ok again, this time the plug was ok, so i tried again but every time i disconnected the glow it stoped, so if anyone out there would no why please could you help as i am no good with engines smilie fuel is 20%magnum os 8 plug smilie

thanks alex smilie
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Good clubs near leicester?
Ade_Law Ade_Law's icon.
 2007-04-10 18:36:27
hi guys, got a couple of our membes spending a lot of time or moving to leicester.

what are the options?

one of them is mainly helis but has a couple of planes he likes to break out occasionally the other is helis only.

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Who's more gorgous?
Mattyboy Mattyboy's icon.
 2007-04-09 20:04:30
(center align)
Thats got to top "mat the splats icon".. smilie (/center align)

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